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    every night something creeps up on the porch and eats the catfood. It never makes any noise but the dog always goes totally nuts.

    Me and the littliest INTJ have many theories about the animal. We think it may be an alligator or perhaps a dinosaur that lives at the bottom of space, but is very careful not to make a mess when it eats the cat food.

    Sometimes, being he is an INTJ, he says " isnt REALLY a dinosaur is it?" and I have to say it maybe a racoon or an opposum, but it's more fun to pretend it is dinosaur, and then we both plan ways to catch it or ways to build camaras so we can take pictures of it eating food...

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    another good racoon story..

    We had a family of racoons at another house that often ate the cat food. One evening my husband opened the door to take out the garbage and the biggest racoon ever was sitting on the porch eating out of the bowel surounded by her half grown little cubs. Sitting next to them was our really stupid cat. So the momma racoon looked up at my husband and he closed the door-we then peeked back out and watched the mom split the food up between the cat and the cubs. She would take a few pieces and place in piles away from the main bowl and the cat would patiently wait for her to give him his pile and he would eat it. They were all very chill about the arrangement...

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