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Thread: Tea house

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    I don't really drink tea, but if I had some good people with me I'd do it.

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    Man, I am so glad I was able to work things out with the border guards and am able to return to China one day because this place looks awesome!

    It is called Huashan Teahouse in Shaanxi province about a two hour drive from the capital Xian where the terracotta soldiers were uncovered and can be seen. Good link with travel info:

    You can get to Xian from Beijing by train in about 12 hours and the price for a hard sleeper is 40-50USD. If you decide, like many do, to take a plane and you begin in California you can be in China in a day and you get a round trip plane ticket for as low as 800USD.

    Let's say you spend 5 dollars a day on Starbucks or whatever small luxury item of your choosing. If instead you saved that 5 dollars a day, in about a year and a half you'd have enough to go to China and drink tea at the Huashan Teahouse.

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    Cool! Wish I could go on a trip like that once in my lifetime. I bet the tea tastes delicious, after the arduous journey hehe.

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