Global Warming is getting worse, humans are just contributing to it more. I remember Earth Hour last last week or so, my mom made us participate in it. I told her that one hour without electricity didn't make any difference, but she disagreed. So did my Geography teacher.

I've debated so much about Global Warming on forums that I won't say it's natural or man-made. It's a mixture of both.

Pollution is affecting the ozone layer. Not only that, but also the plants and animals that are affected by human waste and pollution. I remember when I first read about a very serious issue on nature: there was some sort of toxic dumping in a lake that killed millions and thousands of the birds that ate the fish in the lake. The fish were poisoned, and they died instantly. The birds thought that these dead fish were free food (of course), so they munched down on the fished and ingested the poison. They died. Animal activists were really mad about it, and they did all they could to save the dying birds. I even saw pictures of some of the birds covered in oil, looking totally helpless. It was heartbreaking.

If we don't learn to control our pollution, waste and greed soon, the world is going to go down in the worst way--being swallowed up by our own greed.

Then again, I may be wrong. Maybe the world is preparing for the next ice-age. But more people argue that global warming is a serious issue that is going to get worse in the future if we keep ignoring it. I agree. There are a lot of reasons why the climate is shifting, and I trust the most plausible one.