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    Default Pollution VS Situation and Home

    9 Of The Most Polluted Places In The World (PHOTOS)

    I'm sure there are a million gazillion of these sort of things floating around, but the first picture and caption caught my attention especially.

    People aren't always able to pick the nicest places to live, and I know situations keep some people from picking up and going.. but.. isn't anything better than some of the stuff featured there?

    Would you pack up and leave, even if you really couldn't afford it, if you lived in a place you knew was physically and permanently damaging yourself and/or your family? Or is security and the sense of 'home' worth it all?
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    I'd leave.

    It's possible some of the people in the poorer areas don't even know how bad their situation is.

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    It is a very complicated issue. The sense of place is very strong for some people. And they have a right to that. There are also lands which groups hold sacred. I've been involved in some of these cases. What are you going to do when you are a Native American and your creation story and theology is absolutely linked to the land itself? If your culture is already in a decline anyway, wouldn't that be the absolute end?

    If you enjoy documentaries, I can recommend one that is a good meditation on this exact topic:
    [YOUTUBE="DD_r8SmFshw"]the creek runs red teaser[/YOUTUBE]
    [YOUTUBE="j9y5lwo7PmE"]the creek runs red trailer[/YOUTUBE]
    ^Shame that the entire documentary is no longer on youtube.

    [YOUTUBE="osYydT8Blb8"]Tar Creek[/YOUTUBE]

    A lot of people aren't even aware of some of the environmental issues/cleanups in their own locations. If you are in the USA, you can use this to find out more
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