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One day I got bored.
There was a massive piece of apple pie that was about 5 days old on our kitchen counter.
So, I decided to be a smart ass and microwave it for 45 minutes.
Neddless to say, it did not stay in the whole time.
By the 19 minute mark there was a thick cloud of white smoke eminanting from the seams of the microwave door.
I opened the door, and was knocked down by the cloud of nuclear particulate apple toxins.
Once the smoke cleared, I looked inside, and all that remained of the huge piece of apple pie was a black, crusty, gooey pile of toxic filth. :horor:
I had to open all the windows and doors in the house for over an hour just to get the smoke out.
I used both cans of Lysol in the house and it still didn't kill the odor entirely.
THAT - is the worst "cooking blunder" I have ever committed.

You should try hackey sacks next time. They explode and are less work to clean up than burned carmelized pie.