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Feta is great, especially if you make sure that it comes from south-easter Europe (here they sell some German-made feta which tastes like plastic bags).
I too am in the feta club!

Well, you need to use a lot of butter on a daily basis if you want to keep it at room temperature (or eventually you need an extremely cold room), otherwise it might become rancid in approx. 3 days - here they don't sell anything less than 100g a piece.
My exes mom is Brit and she left butter at room temp when we lived in her house - there was four of us, so it worked out there being a family eating the butter and all. Even if you live alone or with one other person you could cut the butter into smaller pieces, keep a bit at room temp and refrigerate the rest until you need it.

I know a lot of nicer restaurants keep their individual servings of butter at room temp for serving rolls during dinner hours. This ultimately makes the butter creamier and easier to spread, which I've always liked.