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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Those Nano houses look awesome. Where do I get one?
    That's the weird thing... I tried to find out, and there was not much on their web site about how to look into it more... except for the "contact us" link, which was just sending them an email. Didn't want to go that far .

    But still... I admit that one of those houses up on a nice chunk of land in the mountains sounds pretty darned awesome .

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    I want an outhouse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Saw this and thought it was ultra cool.

    Vitality - Yahoo! News

    [Company website]
    Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
    Hey Beat!

    I saw this guy's site years ago and thought it was cool then, and it's just as cool now. Thanks for posting the video and URL above.

    This past May I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Vilano Beach, FL. They were at a campground; they have a fifth wheel RV/trailer, whatever. My uncle has a big ass truck to pull that thing around, but it is effectively a little house on wheels. It cost him $35 per day to be hooked up to the electricity, sewage, and water line of the campground lot they were parked on. A hotel on the beach cost me $135 per night. Granted you need the truck and the RV to cruise like that, being able to stay anywhere in the nation for around $25-$30 per day for full hookup is a bad ass option to have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    I want one in the worst way. But that guy seems to have disappeared, and all the links you go to when you search on his name are infested with popups.
    Damn Interwebz marketeers!

    I signed up for the free 28 page excerpt of "The Tiny House Book" with one of my throw away e-mail addresses. If it's any good I'll be happy to forward it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiltyred View Post
    I was so excited when he revealed his tiny house because up until then, it had just been my fantasy to live in a gypsy vardo (for which you need a horse if you're going to do it right). Here's a beautiful vardo.

    I'm sure a tiny house could be just as charming.
    That is AMAZING!

    The paint work on that vardo is out of this world. I would love to paint one from scratch. That would be the best therapy EVER for obsessive compulsive disorder. I looooove stuff like that. I can zone in on teeny-tiny detailed work for daaaays.

    The only thing I would have an issue with is the horse poop. Maybe a horse robot could pull the vardo? Now THAT would be living!!!

    Check out "Big Dog" from Boston Dynamics robotics, it's the world's largest quadraped robot.

    The world's most advanced quadruped robot - Image 4 of 13

    Article Summary:
    "March 4, 2006 Boston Dynamics has released images and details of BigDog, which it is billing as the most advanced quadruped robot on earth. If that seems like a tall claim, check out this video of BigDog (Caution 27MB WMV) doing its thing by walking over uneven ground, up slopes, over piles of rocks, snow, through water etcetera – though clearly still in development, BigDog is incredibly impressive and we challenge anybody to view the movie and not see BigDog’s future potential as a perfectly-mannered mechanical pony for children, as an all-terrain four-legged “wheelchair” that can take a 90-year-old for a walk over an orienteering course or a mechanical mule to carry all your camping gear into the middle of the wilderness or … much, much more. In short, BigDog is a quadruped robot the size of a small horse, and could equally have been called a robotic mule, because its skill sets are pre-destined to see it pressed into military service as a mule-like carrier companion for soldiers where conventional vehicles cannot go."
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