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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    Also, the food thing is huge. You can loosen up a lot of your tied-up money with food planning. I spend every Sunday planning out what I'm making for the entire week so I only buy those groceries and don't need second trips at all.
    I agree and this is the one place you get a great deal of flexibility. I plan menus ahead 2 weeks at a time. Then I shop and I cook ahead. It's an enormous time saver as well as money saver.

    I use Quicken to do the budgeting/bill pay/tracking. Using Quicken or MS Money or any of those is probably overkill for some but the Excel spreadsheet is a great idea. ENFJ man and I both get paid twice a month but it's on alternate weeks so one of us get paid every week (nice). It has a pie chart with expense percentages and when I see one becoming higher, I analyze why and adjust accordingly.

    Money goes into various savings every paycheck as well as investments. Credit cards are paid in full with no exceptions every month. We generally pay cash for most purchases though, even big ones. The credit cards are for things like gas and groceries. That's about it in a nutshell. We both tend to be on the frugal side so there isn't a power struggle. The hardest part of budgeting is the sitting down and looking at all your income and all your expenses. Most people have to just get past that first step.
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    I was supposed to send someone a copy of the budget template I made, I lost your email! Im sorry, send it to me again and I will get it to you .
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