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    Default Any mountaineers?

    Anyone else just love mountaineering here? Here's a few questions to get things rolling...

    What's your favorite part about mountaineering?
    How long have you been into mountaineering and how did you get into it?
    How often and in what form do you do mountaineering?

    What's your top summit goals?
    What sort of climbing do you find yourself doing most? (ice, mixed, lead roping, etc)
    What's the highest rated face you've climbed?
    What's the most weight you've packed? (with sled included or without)
    What's the fastest you've climbed (verticle metres/hr?)

    What is your favorite food to take?
    What are some of your favorite brands?
    What is your proudest achievement thus far?

    Lastly... tell an interesting story related to mountaineering.
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    I'm not a mountaineer, but simply out of lack of time and having other commitments in life. I've always been fascinated by it, because it seems like an activity very well suited for Ti style types.

    - Exploration
    - Testing boundaries
    - Going at one's own pace
    - Strategic thinking (in terms of approach and planning)
    - Being totally immersed in the world in real-time (piecing together and responding to many streams of incoming information as it comes in).

    There's just that beautiful sense of being one with things, and of going someplace few others have gone, and of challenging one's own personal boundaries.

    But it's the sort of thing that does take a lot of commitment, financially and time-wise, and also has a risk factor. As you mention elsewhere, glaciers can be extremely nasty; and once you get into a certain altitude or difficulty level, there is little margin for error... and nature itself (storms, avalanches, etc.) is a very real and sometimes lethal danger.

    I'd enjoy hearing more about where you've been, what peaks/grades you've climbed. And what the most terrifying moment you've ever experienced on a climb was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayscale View Post
    Anyone else just love mountaineering here? Here's a few questions to get things rolling...
    Yeah. There's so much to like about it... exercise, quiet, nice foresty smells... but mostly being able to conquer another challenge. It's a good feeling.

    I haven't climbed anything needing ropes or fancy gear, I just started a couple years ago. And all of the mountains I've climbed have just taken a day... it's more like a fun weekend than something I take seriously. So far, anyway.

    I prefer dried apples, dried cherries, mixed nuts, and Snickers. But most important of all is the after-climb alcohol. My proudest achievement would probably be tossing off all my gear and running the last 15 minutes to the summit while everyone else wimped out just because of the wind and lightning. I guess that's my interesting story too.

    Nice avatar.

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    I've done my fair share of urban exploring, so i've done a lot of climbing. Mostly improvised, nothing really sporty... Don't do it much now, but a couple of years back, me and a friend ran around a few mountain military facilities from world war 1 and 2 that we have up here. (They were built in case we would be invaded, and used to house the swedish gold reserve + loads of other shit), anyway, they are not open to the public but they're unguarded now, and pretty nice to explore.

    Anyway, lots of high places you can't get to if you don't have a rope to knot up somewhere and throw down.

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