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    Default chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

    chocolate enthusiasts, chocoholics, and casual munchers - this is the thread for you!

    i'm not a stickler for rules, so anything chocolate-related is fine.

    some chocolatey facts:

    Cacao beans were a staple food for the Maya, and were once used as currency by the Aztecs because they were so rare in their land.

    Chocolate contains tryptophan which aids serotonin production. Chocolate has been considered a mood lifter (and aphrodisiac) since ancient times.

    One chocolate chip gives the average adult enough energy to walk 150 feet!
    Napoleon used to carry chocolate for his energy lapses, and the famous Hershey Bar came into being at the request of the American military.

    Dark chocolate contains the highest antioxidant content of any food.

    The first heart-shaped valentine's day candy box was created by Richard Cadbury (the founder of England’s Cadbury chocolate company) in 1868.

    Aztec Emperor Montezuma "took no other beverage than the chocolatl", which he called "the divine drink". Chocolatl was "a potation of chocolate, flavored with vanilla and spices, and so prepared as to be reduced to a froth of the consistency of honey, which gradually dissolved in the mouth and was taken cold." Montezuma purportedly drank chocolatl in a golden goblet 50 times per day.

    Chocolate syrup was used to simulate blood in the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film “Psycho”.

    food for thought:

    what are your favorites?

    is there such a thing as a bad chocolate?

    do you have any favored chocolate recipes?

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    There is definitely a such thing as bad chocolate!

    And good:

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    I gave it up for Lent.

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    (The story: For 2 months now I have stopped chocolate willingly as I am quite addicted to chocolate. Chocolate had a few effects on me such as hyperactivity and fatigue. I was advised that chocolate and any other candy for that matter should be canceled from my eating habits. However, I still crave it to this day to a point where I have to percieve the aroma of an open nutella jar. I am depending on my will alone to stop myself from eating some.)

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    In George Romero's Night of The Living Dead, he used a combination of ham chunks and chocolate syrup as human meat/blood for his hordes of the undead to munch on.

    I used to believe there was no such thing as bad chocolate. I reallly wish I could recall the name brand, or what country it came from, but my mom brought home some sort of middle eastern dark chocolate from work [ordinarily I love dark chocolate].. this stuff was just.. wrong.

    Another time, I bought a Clark bar from a vending machine in Canada.
    It tasted like dirt.
    Someone plz explain this.

    I think chocolates filled with stuff are gross. Especially mysterious pink goo.
    And coconut.
    I hate it so much.

    And don't get me started on white chocolate. Shit shouldn't even count! :steam:
    I guess I might be a little picky.
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    I'm actually quite indifferent to chocolate. I've never had any serious craving for it. Nor do I try to avoid it at any cost. Dark chocolate used to disgust me when I was younger and I thought that there's no way that I'd ever like it. Guess what...I love it now.

    I do like white chocolate and milk chocolate but if I'd have to choose, I would definitely take just a piece of really good dark chocolate and let it have a party on my tongue... It only takes one heavenly piece and I can now understand how chocoholics might feel. I had never felt like that towards chocolate before when I was younger.

    There definitely is such a thing as bad chocolate. Bad chocolate is basically a bar of hardened vegetable fat that resembles the colour brown. It's filled with artificial flavouring with no real connection to chocolate whatsoever. It's what the cheap stuff is made of. You wouldn't believe how awful it really is until you realize that the brown gunk is never going to melt in your mouth, it only sticks to your teeth.

    I don't really have any chocolate recipes myself but there's this little adorable chocolaterie in a city I live and they have the most delicious chocolate drinks that are so rich, different varieties with lots of different ingredients...cinnamon, ginger, chili, rum, raisins, candied orange, you name it...absolute heaven I happen to indulge in a few times a year (wouldn't want to spoil the experience by making it something mundane, wouldn't I now ).

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    I'm neither vegan nor a raw foodist, but seriously, if you ever get a chance to try raw vegan chocolate mousse with a nut crust EAT IT it is freaking delicious.

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    I do like chocolate especially white chocolate but i am more of a sweet fan .. Actually i just eat any kind of sugar to raise my energy levels.

    On Friday i won first prize at work .. Thornton's Easter egg.

    3000 odd calories .. I had a tiny bit of the egg Friday night and got the worst migraine ever so i gave the egg to my stepfather. I dare not eat the box of chocolates that came with them.
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    I have to have chocolate in some form every day. Call me addicted, I don't care.

    Usually, the forms I have it in are the following:
    • Hot Chocolate
      Ghiridelli Bars
      Chocolate chip cookies
      Ice cream
      Any kind of regular ol' candy bar
      Chocolate Milk


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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    I'm neither vegan nor a raw foodist, but seriously, if you ever get a chance to try raw vegan chocolate mousse with a nut crust EAT IT it is freaking delicious.
    How can there be raw foodist chocolate food?
    Chocolate is made from roasted (and previously fermented) cacao beans as far as I understand it. Can it still be considered raw food?
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