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    INTJ way:

    1. Choose a dish to master.
    2. Collect a bunch of recipes for that dish.
    3. Rank recipes based on criteria like quality of the source, ease of preparation, etc.
    4. Make the dish using a few of the top recipes.
    5. Try out any interesting ideas from some of the lesser recipes within the better recipes.
    6. Using your newly acquired familiarity with the general concepts of the dish, freestyle and see what happens.
    7. Arrive at a hybrid Frankenrecipe that incorporates the best of everything.
    8. Accept praise from dinner guests.

    Or, to be more succinct, the way they do it.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    I was discussing this with my INTP GF a while ago.

    Her way (INTP):
    Come up with an idea. Say, enchiladas, with some stuff on the side. Find a recipe to work from, and make changes as necessary to suit taste and/or available ingredients. Combine with other stuff in the same family, for example tortilla chips and beans.

    My way (ISTP):
    Find ingredients. Then improvise.

    Here is an example. This is what I cooked & ate tonight:
    - Cook brown rice in rice steamer
    - Sautee tofurkey sausage, using a little salad dressing for the oil and added flavor
    - Toast almond slivers
    - Microwave leftover brussel sprouts
    - Mix sausage, almonds, and brussel sprouts with the cooked rice
    - Season with salt and random spices

    Spice list:
    - Cumin
    - Oregano
    - Turmeric
    - Cinnamon
    - Mustard
    - Curry powder
    - Cayenne pepper
    - Pickapeppa

    It turned out pretty good. The only thing I didn't like was that the sea salt didn't dissolve into the food, so there were these little hard salty chunks of salt that you'd occasionally get a good bite on. I ate a whole bowl of it and plan to finish it off tomorrow. Who knows what to call it though.

    Her way is safer, and often turns out better and more consistent food, but I could never cook that way.

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    When trying to figure out what to make, I usually do one or more of the following:

    Scan the fridge and pantry for possibilities/inspirations.

    Search grocery store or farmer's market for possibilities/inspirations.

    "Feel out" what I'm in the mood for by exploring broad categories ( Mexican, Chinese, French, Italian, etc...? Salty, sweet, sour....etc? Light or heavy? Gourmet or down home? etc...) and then narrow it down.

    "Feel out" what the others who will be eating are in the mood for by the same process as above.

    Find ways to harmonize/reconcile what I'm in the mood for with what they're in the mood for. (Not difficult, usually---more of a fun challenge)

    Once I know what I'm going to make and have the ingredients/tools I need, I usually do one or more of the following:

    Combine basic knowledge of cooking techniques with inspiration/intuition.

    Mostly wing it, and Google the parts I'm unsure of as I'm cooking.

    Follow a recipe if it's important that it comes out a certain way.

    Get excited about trying some really interesting recipe/technique I heard/read about---or one that I discovered in a previous experiment.

    If I'm cooking for others I may incorporate different recipes/techniques in a pretty experimental and spontaneous way--but with an eye on what is generally known to produce good results.

    But if I'm cooking only for myself , the experiments get pretty wild. I'll try all kinds of crazy things and note which things worked, for possible future use.




    PEACE OUT!!!

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    When I cook for others, I get a little bit more conservative, too. I'll take a dish I've already prepared before. But there can still be a bit of improvising - unless ESTJ hubby goes to the grocery, of course. ("If there isn't 'this', take 'that' instead...")

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    Cooking the INTP way...

    1. Open Fridge.
    2. Drink all the beer.
    3. Wake up. Hopefully by now you've eaten.
    Why do we always come here?

    I guess we'll never know.

    It's like a kind of torture,
    To have to watch this show.

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    My way:

    1. Get packaged microwaveable meal from the freezer
    2. Microwave it
    3. Eat it while reading about something more interesting than cooking

    I'd like to learn to cook someday. Haven't been bothered to do it so far, like many things.

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