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Thread: Making clothes

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    My favorite knitting books are Stitch and Bitch for beginners, and my favorite online pattern source is knitty However, if you want your sweaters and things to be totally unique, it might be good to invest in books with lace patterns and other stitches like this.
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    I used to sew... was very good at pattern drafting, bad at finishing. Could easily figure out what the pattern pieces for any garment would be shaped like, didn't do too well on execution. I started making this awesome dress once out of buckram (very stiff fabric used in hatmaking) covered with silk, it was unwearable, the skirt stood out like a balloon. Would have been a high fashion type piece if only I had ever finished it, but by the time I needed to hem and add a zipper I was sick of it. I still think I would have made a good fashion designer as long as I had someone to do the sewing for me.

    Ha, has there ever been a "type the cast of Project Runway" thread?

    Screen printing is super easy and fun and doesn't require a lot of materials. You can make like 20 shirts in an afternoon. But there's only so much variety you can get with printing on t-shirts.

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