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    Mmm, I love them green waffles. Why you've got to be evil like that, Beat. The nearest place I *know* has them is like 30 minutes from my house. (I know, that's not *that* far, but I rarely go more than 15 minutes away.) Damn not owning a waffle-maker.

    ETA: Actually, I came home later at night and there was half of one left in the fridge. The gods are listening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beat View Post
    Shit, let me know if you find something. I'm trying to touch on all the colors of the rainbow... It's part of The Beat's Great Waffle Endeavors of 1779 (1779 sounds much cooler than 2009...).
    Try food colouring. But use it with caution.

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    Oh so we're eating green waffles now? Fine. I want my green eggs and ham with that too then.

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