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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    damnit, and I was going to read like a mad women this summer :steam:
    And drink espresso drinks and chai, too!

    Oh, well.

    [sips a cappucino while reaching for another volume of Proust]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    All right, this I gotta see hear! (Voice File, and you should make little fishy noises in the background!)
    I'll go ahead and post it. I tried a voice file, but the playback did a lot of skipping regardless of my attempts to fix it. The symbolism might be a bit cryptic, so I don't know if I was successful in communicating the idea. I can explain if there are questions. It might at least help to know the unifying metaphor is gold which I intended to represent a person's true self and value. There are other metaphors on top of that. It was really challenging to try to do the whole surreal, random thing while trying to unify the idea.

    My Transsexual is a Goldfish

    My goldfish is a cloud that swims along a current.
    The cloud had wind to grow, expanding soft golden hues.

    It covers what I thought was supposedly the moon,
    The gold of which can melt whenever hidden from sight.

    I reached to touch the moon, it burnt my fingers sorely.
    Like centipedes they ran, at least that is what I saw.

    They returned as spiders spinning, golden, silken gloves.
    I asked if they intended to crawl inside once finished.
    They said they would rather find a river or a pond.

    I asked myself a question knowing thereís no right answer.
    What would happen to one if they fell into water?
    Would they become a fish, or would they be another?

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    ^I like your poem- I admit I don't know what its supposed mean, but the images and apparent state of mind are reminiscent of a dreamscape.

    Edit: Hmm, I was hoping for something a bit more diabolical for my 666th posts...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    You should find one and give her all your money.
    Then you would no doubt receive Total Enlightenment.
    Wow, how could I miss a gem like this? I'm so going out tonight and doing this! Who has bail?

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