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    Yesterday my son found a big plastic jug of rose food in our shed, which I'd forgotten we had. I looked at the analysis... it was a formulation of 15-5-10, pelletized and coated for a 12-week release.

    So we put all five pounds or so of it on the 25x25-foot vegetable garden.

    I'm thinking the heavy nitrogen content will do us good for now, because it's mostly going to the lettuce, the cabbage, and the swiss chard. We have some tomatoes too, but they've just gone in so I don't mind if they dedicate this stage of their life to growing greenery. It's what they should be doing now anyhow.

    So... today was partly cloudy, light breezes, intermittent bright sun, and this afternoon we had about a half-hour shower of rain. I'm thinking the garden is primed to just take off.

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    We're in the process of renovating our house. One of these said renovations is to put a functioning garden in the back yard and edible flowers in the front of it, with grape vines to grow around the arbor. I know absolutely nothing about gardening, but I think I'll find out a crap load by the time we're all done with it.

    We're gonna have, by the time we're done, a salsa garden, a salad garden, with a side area for more aggressive plants to take off, and a small herb area with tomatoes growing upside down and herbs on top.
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    I planted some cilantro yesterday. In my experience, if you plant cilantro at the same time as your peppers and tomatoes, the cilantro will be up, bloomed, and gone to seed long before you get the first tomato. In retrospect I should have timed it better... but in the meantime we'll eat our own fresh cilantro on the farmer's market tomatoes.

    Fresh basil is da bomb, and it will keep on producing until frost kills it. There's nothing like a couple of sprigs of fresh basil added late to a pot of spaghetti sauce.

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    Fresh rosemary is nice too.

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