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    I really want bacon I think it's a sign here and last night on vent

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    I have a few problems with that argument.

    Yes we should all do that we can. But I'm of the opinion that just washing our hands of our personal guilt doesn't really achieve anything except help us forget it still happening. We may as well just decide to not feel guilty about it for all the impact it will have. You really cant blame me for this perspective, I am a results orientated person after all. I am also concerned about the treatment of factory farmed animals, I do my bit by raising my own animals and being responsible for their humane slaughter. At least in that way I change the fate of the particular animals I consume.

    Without even going into the argument that the bible is unlikely to be a literal historical text, its more likely to be a collection of allegorical tales, in the manner if all religious texts. There is nothing in the book of genesis that I have read that alludes to any vegetarianism in the garden of eden. Simply having a lack of documented meat eating isn't the same as vegetarianism. And if I'm not mistaken I dont believe Eve encouraged Adam to eat a forbidden pig. When we get slightly further into the biblical stories we come across the fact that the diety depicted was pretty hot on animal sacrifices actually, so I find it even harder to stretch to vegetarianism as being a christian virtue. In any case since I am not a christian nor ever likely to be, such virtues would not be a motivator for me.

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    What's the point? It's not like carnivorous animals have a 'nice' way to kill their prey. They rip limbs off, gut them, constrict them, paralyze them, eat them alive, maggots erupted out of them a la Alien. Nature doesn't give a shit.

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