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    I have a husky and she only pulls at first, once we get going she tires out she'll just keep a slower pace. In my opinion it's not them, it's us, we're too slow for them, you gotta feel the BURN. Probably better for us anyways, I feel like my dog is getting me off my lazy ass and lazy pace.

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    My 6 month old border collie kicks my ass.

    One second he'll be sleeping, the next I'll have three toys placed at my feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BerberElla View Post
    So, this is my new advice question, does anyone have any experience with introducing a dog so late, to the current house cats, if so what do I need to do?
    Introduce them slowly, always have the dog on a leash and let the cats have their own free will to go up to the dog. If you can maybe you should put the dog in a crate as well, every time the cats are loose. Separate them whenever the cats or dog get disturbed, flustered, angry, scared etc. It's better to reduce negative experiences when they are around each other. Just ALWAYS keep the dog on a leash, when the cats are loose, so that it'll prevent her from attacking the cats. Also, try not to give too much attention to any of the animals individually, don't want to foster any jealousy, just have the cats around and go about normal activity, this will teach the dog that the cats are a normal part of the household. Ummm, yeah that's all I can really advise. Take it slow. Do an hour each day or so. It might take a long time, but it will happen.

    I found some websites online but they seem a little bit too harsh? But I guess it's more credible than my process. xD

    Introducing Dogs & Cats

    Introducing Dogs into a Home with Cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by BerberElla View Post
    I need some advice.

    My beauty, Princess, pulls so hard on her leash whenever we go out for a walk. I took a friends advice and bought a training lead, which goes around the mouth and stops her from pulling because it yanks her head to the side if she tries to pull too hard.

    Now it is working, and walking has become a doddle, but I hate seeing her so restrained.

    She used to sniff trees and try to explore in great eagerness, and now she can't even sniff stuff. I feel bad for her.

    Is there any other way to teach her not to pull so hard on a regular lead?

    buy a dog harness. the leash clips onto a loop that sits on their back, so she won't be able to reach it.

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