So, I've decided for spring break, I'm going to go to Hilton Head for a day (was going to go to Cumberland, but I've already been there). I'm trying to figure out what would be a fun thing to do.

Already, I'm planning to do one of those 2-hour kayak tours...because I've never been kayaking and I've never been to Hilton Head. Though I'm sure it's not too terribly exciting since I'll probably be with a bunch of other people--or, if my luck was awesome, it would just be me and I'd get my wish to go pretty much alone. Being with other people might be good for me, though. I had wanted to just rent one and go by myself since that's cheaper, but my mother helped to remind me of how retarded that would be...since I don't even know how to kayak and I'd probably get lost...I can learn! It can't be that hard!

All right, so that's 2-hours of a day taken up. I'll probably try to get there at 9am or something like that. I know there's a tour at 10am and 1pm. I need to decide when I'd rather be there...and that may depend on what else I can find to do.

So, my question to you all is, those of you who have been to Hilton Head, what are some things I should definitely go see and some places I should go explore?

Keep in mind I'm trying to keep the budget as low as possible. I'll probably go to the beach, but it's not likely I'll stay out there too long since I probably won't be able to swimming (no swimsuit, don't want to get soaked though I could, the water will be quite cold still).

I'm still researching a whole lot of this, but I want to know what others here would recommend, too.