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    My grocery list a few days ago:
    Mac n cheese
    Sweet relish
    Granny Smith apples
    White wine
    Green peppers
    Yellow onion
    Macaroni salad
    Chips y salsa
    Thousand bucks
    Maraschino cherries
    Banana pudding ingredients

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    -dried cranberries
    -sunflower seeds
    -garlic powder
    -shredded cheddar
    -smoked paprika
    -pork chops(?)

    then from the farmer's market we're getting
    -red onion
    -and other things
    -i can't find the pork we have in the freezer or should have so i may suggest we get the pork from there if not we'll get it from the store

    i'm making broccoli salad, blackened pork chops, and garlic cheese mashed potatoes on saturday

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