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    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    Whenever I smell my SOs perfume [Clinique Happy] I look around for her and my body immediately thinks she's around and gets very excited. But then I realize it's someone else. And I become sad.
    Aw. There, there, sad banana. Go look at Boo's burrito and be happy again.

    The inside of my ENTP's truck smelled just like him - warm, sweet like hay, soap, unsmoked cigarettes and exhaust. That was nice. I'd get calm all over. The inside of my ISTP's car smelled that way too.
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    Vanilla and sometimes Cinnamon.. Oooh and then there is Cocoa butter my favorite..
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    This going to sound really wierd lol but the smell of sewage/waste reminds me of morocco.

    Sometimes I'll be near the thames and the smell will hit me and I will have a Si moment where I am in morocco, and my imagination overlays the imagery all around me so that nothing exists but that moment.

    Also the smell of sardines cooking remind me of the beach since you could always get flame grilled sardines on your way to the beach. Same thing, the Si moment overwhelms me and I am there again.

    There are more smells and moments, but usually it's like a de ja vu moment, where I'm not aware of the connection until it happens.
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    The smell of freshly cut grass and peppermint tea always remind me of my childhood. Idyllic

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    Wow, there are so many smells that remind of different things, but it is really hard to remember them all right now.

    So I'll just say the smell of freshly cut grass, which seems to remind everyone about their childhood, makes me remind the times when I went to the countryside, when I was little.

    I also love the way snow smells, it also reminds me of my childhood, since the last few years it hasn't snowed for real in here.

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    The smell of a woman's neck, just after they dry off from a shower, that is ths source of olfactory bliss, the site where the best phermones are generated.

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    cardamom, cinnamon, and any blend of distinctly Indian spices reminds me of when i was a child, and walking through Indian shops to get some ingredients with my mother. Also, old Indian ladies with chapped hands, and the stern Pakistani ladies at the mosque.

    Rosewater is the strongest for me, and reminds me of being in mosques, and having everything (even the food) be rosewater scented. I have a bit of an aversion to it now, since I'm wholly atheist, and the smell reminds me of my parents power over me when i was little.

    Musty, woody and spicy smells mixed together reminds me of my mother, shopping in department stores when i was 5, and hiding in the clothing racks.

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    pipe tobacco
    pies in the oven
    rain (during and after)
    fresh basil or cilantro
    warm earl grey

    i guess i like most of these scents because they incite a feeling of comfort or nostalgia

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    The ocean, the smell along with the rhythmic sound of the waves is the one surefire thing to get me off to sleep easily (i have moderate insomnia)

    The way it smells just before and just after rain or a thunderstorm, or what it smells like when it snows and the air is so crisp it could slice your lungs (i grew up in a desert so the first time i saw snow - at 21 - i was in heaven)

    Jasmine. It just makes me happy with it's heavy, heady scent, so, soo good.

    New or really old books, it's just comforting.

    The smell of baking bread or onions & garlic cooking, without fail makes me hungry every time.

    How my SO smells. I think when i fall in love with a person i fall in love with how they smell. I love burying my face in an SO's jumper or pillow and just breathing deeply when they're not around, and when they are, nuzzling into their neck so as to be as close as possible to the source. Makes me feel safe and happy and giggly and in love all at once.

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    Wood smoke is absolutely no.1 on my list. It takes me immediately back to the cottage my family had throughout my childhood in Northern Ontario. My family is Finnish, so sauna was a huge part of that experience. It was family time. It was one of the best feelings in the world, going from 80C to the cold lake water. If there is one thing I miss the most, it's that experience. Every time I smell wood smoke, I'm transported back there and I start to feel deeply nostalgic and a little sad.

    That's the only smell I can think of that evokes THAT much emotions from me.

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