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    I feel its going to be awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haight View Post
    For me, it's all about really good gravy.

    Everything else can be fixed with the really good gravy.
    What kind of gravy do you like?

    Some of the things I am thankful for-

    Husband, Kids & Sophie

    My dear friend Plantain

    Life that I can't complain about even though I sometimes do.

    My Sonic Care toothbrush

    WoW- It keeps me from being bored when I am not wanting to do laundry and lets me kill creatures instead of taking my frustrations out on humans.

    Haight & the Admins/Mods for keeping this place up and running.

    Thanksgiving approached quickly this year. I keep forgetting it's this Thurs! We are staying home (limey, the kids and I) and have no guests, same as every year, which it's how we like it. I hate getting together with yappy family members. For as long as I can remember it sucks the life out of me and takes several days for me to recover.

    My mother invited us to meet her (and her sis and bro inlaw) in the mountains for Christmas and we said thanks, but no thanks. I like to be home for Christmas and it's cold enough here without torturing myself by heading further north.

    edit: Got our Turkey over the weekend. He's a 22 lb organic and should keep us fed for several days. Serving him with green bean casserole, homemade cornbread stuffing, williams sonoma gravy, various pies (store bought), some sort of cake, deviled eggs, artichoke dip, pillsbury crescent rolls, sweet potato souffle, etc.
    Time is a delicate mistress.

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