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Thread: Drain problems

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    Default Drain problems

    My house has a floor drain in the basement laundry room. After I moved in and water came up from it, I had a plumber come and check if there was a problem between the house and the street and there wasn't. I called the city who has come out here and there and cleared the line at the street, which has stopped the problem temporarily. Since then, there has been some new construction around here, and I wonder if that could be part of the problem.

    It's happening again, but the city came out about a month ago. I'm not sure how often is reasonable for me to call them. I don't want them to stop taking me seriously.

    No water comes out when we shower, but it seems to when dishes are done, and the last few times I ran the washing machine. It's difficult to tell with the drain being in front of the washer, but I think the water did come out of the drain when I ran the washer, because there was also water when the dishes were washed. So I think the washer isn't the most likely culprit here, or at least not the only culprit. I haven't caught the water actually coming up/out.

    I have no idea whether this is relevant, but the dishwasher is broken and we do the dishes by hand. One side of the sink often clogs up, the side with a garbage disposal which also is broken, but it's fine right now.

    I detest having people come into my house to do work like this and would like to limit it as much as possible, especially since this seems complicated and one might come in and say they can't fix it, it's this other problem that I need to call someone else for, etc, etc, and because it's in the laundry room, and whenever the drain is messed with, well, it's gross, and there's covid, etc etc.

    I don't know whether to call the city *again*, or maybe I could pour drain clog remover down the floor drain?
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    Its probably a tentacle. Older houses get them if theyre near any extradimensional gates. the trick is making sure its not a barbed tentacle, making it carnivourous, or a smooth wet tentacle making it simply amorous. the right buyer will pay extra for either depending on what they want to use a tentacle for.
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