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    Default Because that's how you keep ants!

    Let's Talk about Ants.

    Thyere actually kinda cute when you think about it.

    Look it ^_^
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    This is me as an ant.

    Ever heard of Honeypot ants? Looks kinda uncomfortable...

    This is a 44 million years old ant.
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    I actually read this book a few years ago.

    Ant Encounters Interaction Networks and Colony Behavior - Primers in Complex Systems
    Deborah Gordon

    I think it said that half of the weight of lifeforms on earth are ants. Also, a lot of ants chill out in the hill, so they don't all work super hard.

    During that time I was curious what it must be like to be an ant, and would meditate on the concept, and had a notion of seeing basic shades of light, but not much visual detail, a kind of simplicity, no sense of being particularly small because scale is experienced differently, and no notion of fear. Of course I have no idea if that's right, but I did have a vivid moment of experiencing that, and it was kinda cool.

    Circus life under the big top world, we all need the clowns to make us smile
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