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    Default Using Robotic Animals As Spies..Yikes!

    My inferior intuition is going crazy. It's only a matter of time before spying perverts will be able to purchase a spy roach, spider, or ant to ship to their beautiful neighbor's habitat. Homemade porn will have a new meaning, now.

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    Black Mirror episode comes to mind. Title: Hated in The Nation.
    Creepy drone bees.
    03/23 06:06:58 EcK: lex
    03/23 06:06:59 EcK: lex
    03/23 06:21:34 Nancynobullets: LEXXX *sacrifices a first born*
    03/23 06:21:53 Nancynobullets: We summon yooouuu
    03/23 06:29:07 Lexicon: I was sleeping!

    04/25 04:20:35 Patches: Don't listen to lex. She wants to birth a litter of kittens. She doesnt get to decide whats creepy

    02/16 23:49:38 ygolo: Lex is afk
    02/16 23:49:45 Cimarron: she's doing drugs with Jack

    03/05 19:27:41 Time: You can't make chat morbid. Lex does it naturally.

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