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    I Think I pray in my sleep.

    Girls will tell always tell me something about a missionary.
    My prayers apparently also go to the salvation of our canine friends.

    Guess it helps, I feel great in the morning.
    Expression of the post modern paradox : "For the love of god, religions are so full of shit"

    Theory is always superseded by Fact...
    ... In theory.

    “I’d hate to die twice. It’s so boring.”
    Richard Feynman's last recorded words

    "Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart."
    Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

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    I know I've talked once. I think it was an isolated case. But it's kinda scary knowing I could be broadcasting my darker inner thoughts

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    I talk in my sleep. And by talk, I mean talk. Like full-on, coherent sentences. No mumbling. I'm always determinedly explaining something. I know this because I share a room with my sister, and she says I've done this all my life. She says she never knows if I'm really asleep because I sound like I'm awake.

    I tend to touch people when I sleep too. Like, just the other night, my sister and I both awoke to me touching her forehead with my fingertips. As soon as I did it, I was like, what the fuck?! But in my dream it was a purposeful gesture.

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    My friends say that when I sleep I talk about the most random shit ever. It must be hilarious, I want to hear it.
    () 9w8-3w4-7w6 tritype.

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    I don't talk in my sleep, however I do suffer from night terrors (not to be confused with nightmares). Actually, in trying to distingush the two in the past, I stumbled upon information that might prove useful to those who sleepwalk/talk, grind their teeth, or do other "strange" things in while asleep.
    Parasomnia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I'm able to have phoneconversations in my sleep without remembering them in the morning, though I've been told I'm even less coherent than usual at that time *grin*
    Somehow though, I manage to hang up the phone without waking up.

    During my intense dreams, I just got told by my boyfriend, I mumble stuff that he cannot make out. When I'm not in a deep sleep, I'll respond when adressed, but any complicated questions will wake me up fully.

    It's a good thing I don't keep secrets from him, coz I'd just blab the truth to him during the night

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    Default Talking in Your Sleep

    I talked in my sleep as a kid, at least according to my grandmother, with whom I shared a bed...long, rambling speeches, according to her. Neither of my husbands ever complained about it, so maybe I stopped for a number of years. Now I'm doing again, but I wake myself up when I do so. I'm usually answering a question someone's asked me in a dream and the sound of my own voice wakes me up.

    The other weird thing I've been doing lately is dreaming about someone holding out a forkful of cake to me to eat and awake with my mouth open. The weird thing is, I don't even like sweets, but especially cake. The only thing I can figure is I've been on Weight Watchers since gaining 60 lbs. after switching from lithium to Depakote to treat the bipolar. I've lost about half the weight and it hasn't been arduous. I haven't felt deprived--or even more depraved than usual--so why I'm dreaming about cake, of all things, is beyond me.

    My son, who has schizophrenia, is on a lot stronger psychotropic meds and groans so loudly in his sleep you can hear him all over the house. Of course he also has sleep apnea, so that may have something to do with it.

    Sleep is such a strange state and one I'm not particularly fond of.
    It's a blessing...and a curse.

    Originally Posted by Anja
    I don't have room for shame in my life.

    INFJ, 4w5 sx

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    I'll talk completely incomprehensible crap when I'm dreaming, which sounds like its made of sentences, but they make no sense. But there's my dreams for you...

    My boyfriend has conversations with me when he is apparently asleep. I don't know that he's technically asleep, because he seems awake to me! His 'asleep' persona is moodier than he is in real life, and I used to get upset then ask him in the morning why he was so moody to me in the night - he won't remember a thing and apologises loads (he's really sweet when he's normally awake!) It's quite weird, but at least now I know it's probably his subconscious. I should ask him questions when he's in that state and see what comes out ! Nah, I'm not that evil.

    Edit: EcK - The quotation in your signature sounds like a variation of the Goethe quotation in my signature... :P

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    I don't talk in my sleep. Ever. I'm thankful for that. I talk a lot in real life when I'm awake. Perhaps I get enough words out then that my subconscious mind doesn't feel a need to broadcast more thoughts to the world. Also, I am deeply secretive and paranoid so I think my subconcious knows better.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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