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    All I want to do this year is gain some muscle and buy a car.

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    Personally I'm going to start building up muscle and diversity my fashion choices to be more attractive in general I also want to become more assertive and confident in myself so I'm less of a doormat and a wimp and I'm.also going to try and be kinder to everyone . I also aim to read more and consume more media in general.

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    This year should be a big one for me in terms of a couple of big life and career things, I want to distance myself from some negative individuals and trends to better my own health, I was reading some old diaries and while they were more vague than I would have liked it was very clear to me that formerly I had been a much happier, healthier person and had a great social network of similarly happy and healthy individuals too.

    I also want to build on two separate room clearances I've carried out since Christmas, it was kicked off in part by deciding were to keep some of the gifts I got this year but its been something I've been working on for years, trying to overcome hoarding, also I read part of a book last year by Fumio Sasaki, Goodbye Things, which is about radical minimalism, I am a fan of the idea generally but not the radical sort and I've not been able to practice it.

    Books are a big, big thing, I hoard them and I impluse buy them and, I've discovered, that sometimes I buy them in leau of other experiences or plans, so I'll decide, hey, it'd be cool to do [whatever] and I wind up buying books on the topic of doing [whatever] and end up with just more books, sometimes I'll not even read them, and [whatever] never happens anyway, principle among this has been the two or three books on the bull run in Pamplona (I'm not sure I want to do this now, its become a tourist trap) and the santiago de compostilla (spelling, the pilgrimage).

    So last year I was taking at least one or two books from my room to the charity shop on wednesdays, I dont know if I'll try and keep a fixed day and date like that but it was a generally good idea. The important thing is not to simply replace the books I've gotten rid of with new ones. To that end I'm trying to keep off Amazon, out of the book shops, and more frequently turn over the ones I own to see what I'll keep and what I'll read next to save bothering with new purchases.

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    Falcarius' health challenges for 2018:

    • Run 1000 miles (ran 1001 miles so far this year)
    • Cycle 1000 miles (927 cycled so far this year)
    • Do a sub-45 minute 10k (current PB 46:13)
    • Do a sub-1:40:00 half marathon (current pb 1:43:47 pretty much coasting around the week before a full marathon)
    • Survive the year (presumably will achieve that this year )
    • Do as many sub 22 minute 5k parkruns as possible ( 6 times this year, would have been more without 7 mile cycle rides beforehand)
    • Get at least 7 hours sleep each day (pretty much failed this year)
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    Loving the response already!

    My January plan of attack for these goals of mine:


    - I want to get stronger. 5 day routine.. 10-20 minute burn out arms and legs x2/wk, a cardio/abs work out 35min-1hr x2/wk, and 1 new video/work out style x1/wk.

    I think I want to jump back into P90X, as I enjoyed that series immensely.. I'm going to blend it with Fitness Blender. I'm switching things up as my schedule is, but going to try to mostly alternate.. Cardio (1 from P90X, one from FB) and Strength Training (sticking with shorter FB ones this month) days. I'm going to focus on Football Agility training and parkour training for January for the new work outs.

    - I want to become more flexible. Complete a 30 day beginner yoga challenge and 90 day yoga challenge. 1 Stretching video post work outs x3/wk. 5 minute bed stretch routine on work days.

    I'll start with a 30 day challenge in February... Since I'm doing a HEMA challenge in January, I'm going to start this off by stretching post work outs in Jan and start trying to incorporate the work day bed stretching at least the first morning.

    - Continue going to at least 2 HEMA classes a week.

    Nothing more to add to this plan, I almost always have 2 evenings free for a couple hours.. January is going to be particularly HEMA heavy for reasons described below.

    - Go to all of my doctor appointments no matter what.

    I have none in January! Yay! Starting off the year easyyyyy. I will, however, go through and re-evaluate my packets and plans. I already evaluated my dental coverage today, and ensured I had the best one I could possibly get. So now I'll just do the same with my VA packets and ensure all the paperwork is in a row.


    - Focus more on eating appropriate portions, getting adequate protein, reigning in snacking, experimenting more with my cooking. Curb free food habits, make snacks vs buying them, more fish in meals. Smaller plates when serving food, asking for a to-go box at the beginning of a meal out. Experiment with Chinese, Indian, and Euro meals x1/wk. Japanese food 2x/wk. Simple breakfasts. Try intermittent fasting: 2 meals and 2 snacks a day. More protein into my diet.

    Whew I crammed a lot into this bullet point. So, I'm starting out with Indian food because I think it will be an easy transition from Japanese food.. Tikka Masala was awesome at one restaurant, and I might not be making naan by hand anytime soon but I can sure support my local asian grocery buying it from them. I am going to intermittent fast though... I'm going to try a noon-10pm routine to start with, and see where it carries me. It isn't quite the 16off/8on that that system calls for, but it gives me flexibility to start with. I'll still stick with 2 meals/2 snacks and carry it from there.
    Going to try using date rolls, yogurt (a big one for me), and some puddings, pies, and ploughman platters for snacks. I have recipes for most of those things that I really enjoy. If I crave a snack between, I'm going to try a lightly sweetened/flavored milk (just a shot of creamer in it) and/or a zero calorie water flavor packet.. I'm thinking that I am mistaking thirst for cravings of sugar and food.
    I am going to aim for 1200-1300 calories consistently by May. I drink a lot of my calories in milk and such, easily 300+ calories worth (I drink a lot of milk ~3-4 cups a day). I might increase this as I see muscle mass increase, but for now, I have extra weight I don't need that isn't muscle. For January, I'm going with being more mindful of the calorie ratios of things, and making healthy swaps where I can and avoiding overeating all the garbage people bring to work. Also, see what you eat food app will help me with this.

    - My water intake. A small cup of water/tea with each meal, and a cup of water when I first wake up.

    I think I'm going to kick off the habit by buying some of those tiny water bottles and putting them in the bathroom and by the bed. That way I'm reminded to drink them and will at least grab it and drink it as I walk around the house. As I get accustomed to it I think I'll start to crave it again on my own and won't need them. I have a small jar cup next to the water dispenser, and I'm drinking it as I prep my food vs eating it with the food, but it still counts to me. I'll start recording the times I don't in January.

    I need to break the "im so poor I need free food" habit.

    I think I'm going to do something a bit unusual and try bringing some empty tupperwares with me to work. If I see something I WANT to eat but I am not hungry, I will package it up and take it home... if I still want it before it goes bad, cool, if my partner eats it, cool, if not, toss it. We'll see how it goes. There's going to be a lot of Christmas Candy lingering around at work.

    General cleaning/organizing:

    - Clean up 5 minutes a day.

    I'm still going to have a clean-up day once a week where I go through and put things away in the house and do projects and stuff for a while... but for now: Wash dishes x2/wk, sweep the floors x1/wk, dust x1/wk, laundry x1/wk. I'm going to write it on the white board and cross them out.

    - I'll pick a project, a room, something, and spend the whole month on it.

    "I think I'm going to start with organizing paperwork in January...." I've already started weeding down papers as they come into my life, and I've taken some old folders and gone through and trashed old documents while at work. I'm going to spend a day separating them all out, then take them handfuls at a time and organize them.

    - I want to max out my IRA this year, my emergency fund as well in a high interest savings account, finance the rest of my HEMA equipment, and truly get started in investing. I've been holding onto my savings right now because of some big picture stuff coming up in the near future.

    I have the high interest savings account picked out, I'm going to transfer funds into there as soon as I build up the fund. Based on my calculations, I should be maxed out on both things by october. I have a feder to pay for with 2 shifts, 2 shifts I need to work to make up for the spending on some of my throat protection and armor, and 3 shifts I need to work to make money for my travels this season... and then I can relax the rest of the year. I'm going to split these up by the month and do 3 in Feb (I can't Jan Im on orientation unfortunately), 2 in Mar, and 2 in April.

    - Work through the first 20 lessons'. First half of the year to work on the first 10 lessons. Lesson 5/6 in Jan, 7 in Feb, 8 in Mar, 9 in April, 10 in May.. The song book 1 in June and July.

    I've started out small here, just practicing the notes and melodies (6 of them) 3 times each a day. It only takes me about 10 minutes to get through them... I just focus as much as I can on proper posture and my movement of my arms. I think practicing an instrument usually takes hours and hours, but as I don't have that and am moving slowly this is good enough for now.

    - I want to score a winning round in SiS, compete at all in Queen's Gambit, create my leather jacket and put my patches on it, Go to Okoberfecht again, get myself a complete set of useable gear that I can travel with and fight in without any loaner equipment, and memorize at least half of the montante rule sets. Enroll in Sword Carolina Online and start practicing at home.

    I'm registered for Queen's Gambit! Half the battle done... and it'll give me a bench mark on what to work on for SiS. January I will be participating in a 30 day HEMA challenge, our instructor is making anyone who finishes it entirely a beautiful patch to wear. So, January I am focusing on the vest, and the challenge. Feb I will work on ordering the feder and assembling my gear. O.F. is long away from now, I'll mess with it then. I will be incorporating practice of the rules of Montante into that 30 day challenge. It's 30 minutes everyday. On my work days, I will read, as it's easy and accomplished at work on my lunch break. That's 2 days a week. I'll practice Montante x1/wk, Longsword x2/wk watching SCO, and do drills x2/wk.

    - I'd like to go snowboarding once this year.

    I have a feeling it'll snow in Jan/Feb timeframe. I'll make a weekend day of it. I'll clean up my gear in Jan anticipating it though, get everything washed and aired out.

    - I'm going to try to make 1 hash a month. It'll count as a run day for fitness too, so bonus.

    Haha! Thiiiiss month is a formal hash but I'll definitely go to a real one in Jan.

    - Japanese study - Finish book 1 and start book 2. Work more with anki. Watch 1 show in Japanese a week, 1 podcast a week.

    Going to DL anki on my next work days. Watched A netflix show (Midnight Diner, I love that show), and listened this week to an easy Japanese news cast.
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    Okay, now for my actual list.

    Diet and exercise:
    - Do pull-ups (in the plural)
    - Do push-ups (in the plural)
    - Do a V3 bouldering problem
    - Do another obstacle course race with the team that ran the Spartan Sprint with me
    - Maintain my current exercise routine (2-3x per week) and add more if possible
    - Cook more frequently

    Misc. mental, physical, and financial well-being:
    - Get better about making doctor's appointments
    - Move to a new house with cheaper rent so I can afford weekly therapy appointments
    - Maintain a $0 balance on my credit card as much as possible
    - Take at least four vacations (including Christmas)
    - Be more mindful of my organizational systems (cleaning house, updating my planner, watering plants) falling apart due to stress, when they do, so I can minimize the damage
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    Work out 4 - 5 times a week. At least two days upper body, two days lower body and all days incline walking for 20 - 30 minutes. Eat healthy and cut down on sugars/carbs.

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    Quite the gym last year. Started working out at home hoping to just look ripped. Will I look weak if I lose too much bodyfat, I keep asking myself. Maybe I should work out to build mucles and lose fat at the same time. But I've heard that's impractically hard.


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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Work out 4 - 5 times a week. At least two days upper body, two days lower body and all days incline walking for 20 - 30 minutes. Eat healthy and cut down on sugars/carbs.
    I'm going to do this, plus read at least one book a month aswell

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    I would like to kick up the workouts to 6 days/wk. Right now I do 5 days of cardio, 3 days of weights/machines and that works good but it's important to maintain strength at my age. Diet wise I already stopped trying to eat more dairy and started calcium supplements with the ok of my doctor. I want to eat more vegetarian than my current 2-3 meals a week.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.
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