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    I dont know if everyone will be familiar with the TV series or movie Limitless and the book which inspired it "illuminating the dark fields" or something like that, based on a trope or error about mind functioning which suggests people under utilise their brains, anyway, in that fictional universe there is a drug called NZT which can give incredible increases in intellect and memory to the users but its lethal without another stabilising substance which prevents side effects.

    Anyway, my question is do you think there is or ever will be anything like it? Do you think that if it was available you would use it? If not why not? If so why?

    Do you think it would be prohibited as a performance enhancing substance in the same way that sports or fitness and body building drugs can be?
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    I used a nootropic called Phenibut a few times. I'd describe it as a "social enhancer" and gives you a feeling of all-around wellness. However, you have to mind the dosing because your body will develop a resistance to it quickly. It's sort of a cheat code for social anxiety if you suffer from it. Your brain seems to fire on all cylinders while under its influence. It's in a legal grey area because you can only order it online. I've never seen phenibut at the stores, nor has the FDA addressed it. It's in a pharmaceutical blackhole.

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    There is a dude called "Dave Asprey" who does a combo of the ketogenic and Paleo diet. He's known for bulletproof coffee and has a brain octane from MCT oil that stimulates your mind. Here's a link btw.: YouTube

    In fact, there is a form of NZT. It's called the ketogenic diet, lol. Ever since I've done it, 6 months now, I have more energy than ever. I've had to take on more projects and investments because I have so much brain capacity now. It's improved my sleeping too. I'm not even sure how to slow down anymore because I have the ability to concentrate harder, faster, and quicker.

    If NZT existed, I would personally research the hell out of it before I put it in my body. I would need to know the side effects tbh. If it didn't have side efects, I would do it. I would hope I had access to the immunity shot though like Finch got!
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