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    Default Need help staying awake through the morning

    Today, I'm taking SAT subject tests (Math II, Literature, and Chemistry). As of typing, it's just after 5 AM and I haven't gotten any sleep (unable to due to anxiety about the tests). I arrive at 7:30, begin the first test at around 8:30ish, and finish the last one shortly before noon.

    Any tips on making it through the tests in good shape (not running out of time and stuff)? I'm already planning on drinking tons of coffee and taking amphetamines right before leaving and eating a protein bar during each break. Any other advice?

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    1,Good Luck

    2.Caffiene even if you're against it it will help you stay awake, if you are truly against it my friend who can't have caffiene do to medical reasons says a realy cold drink helps wake her up and keep her awake (she drinks non-carbonated not water drinks). someone else told me that they just drink hot water to wake up.
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    Exercising for 20-30 minutes and taking a cold shower before the exams will help boost your mood, confidence, and keep you grounded.

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    Rest your mind. Most of our tiredness has to do with the incessant superfluous activity of our mind. Meditation is great for this. Start with 5 minutes everyday, in the morning or when you prefer. Focus you attention only on your in and out breath....everytime a thought comes gently bring your attention back to the sensation of the breathe going in and out. This has a affect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system dynamic....and brings one's emotional baseline, if you wil, to a more steady, calmer, more resourceful state of mind.

    As a byproduct, and as you increase the ammount of time you spend meditating'll find that not only does your body become way more relaxed and releases needless tiredness ....this almost makes your mind more alert and capable of focusing on what you want, when you want. It stops being this unruly thing that jumps from object to object setting you on daily/moment-to-moment wild gooses chases....and all of this makes you expend MUCH less mental energy....which is the main source of tiredness for a human who spends most of his days sitting or lying down anyway, like most of us do in our society.

    I second the exercise recommendation. It's also a great way to release body/mental stress and is also reinvigorating. Nutrition is another biggie. Follow what your body asks for, and be mindful of the actual effect each food has on you after ingestion. You'll find that each of us has a unique personal blueprint....we crave and are energized by different foods. Drink plenty of water because it detoxes shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burningranger View Post
    I was just asking for a quick fix that would get me through the morning, not a life-improving thing.

    The first tip I got was posted nearly 5 minutes into the first test (Math II), so I didn't get to follow any of it. I ended up bombing Math II (omitted 12 out of 50 questions; I guess I suck at trig when I'm tired :p (though I actually knew exactly how to solve all of the ones I answered)), but I think I might've actually done pretty well (as in the 700s range) on Chemistry and Literature. That was actually the opposite of what I was anticipating.

    I guess I'll retake Math II when I take the Physics subject test this fall.

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    One random thing that I thought was amusing was that during the break between the second and third tests, some kid walked right out of the door into the hallway, phone in hand, chatting with his brother well within earshot of the proctor. He was kicked out on the spot and got all his tests voided. Like, I've never seen someone break SAT rules beyond mundane stuff pretty much everyone does like flipping to the next section when the proctor starts talking and not when they say to begin. As he was being kicked out, I really felt like saying something along the lines of "don't worry; I doubt your scores would've been that good anyway," but chickened out.

    Like, who the hell does something so egregiously against the rules on a fucking College Board exam? I was paranoid that I would get reported for flipping my answer booklet back to double-check if I filled in the form code and serial number correctly for each test.

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