I lifted weights but I quickly started to look insanely jacked and that didnt fit to my job. Plus I broke my knee while climbing a fence drunk that put me out of order for a year and into more respect regarding my legs. Since then I quitted weightlifting and only do crossfit. Thats the best to look athletic.

If you want to do pure weightlifting, look for an app called 5x5 stronglifts. Its those fundamentals you need, deadlift, squat, bench press, pull-ups, military press, barbell row, dips.

I wont go beyond 110 lbs on dead lift and squat no more. The knee is dead. Got a metal plate with 12 screws in it. But I can do a handstand now and am very close to my first muscleup. Thats more important regarding my sport, which is climbing.

5x5 should be your programm. 2 days, 2 sets, 3 exercises. But if only 6 exercises, watch a lot of youtube videos. As you get older your body needs good execution of those excersises.