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    Default Irregular sleeping patterns.

    For this whole summer I've been staying up for 18-20 hours and sleeping for 10-12 hours, essentially living 28-32 hour days. As I look back on this sleeping style, I have to say I enjoy it. When I go to bed, I'm tired, I fall asleep fast, and when I get up, I'm completely ready to get out of bed. There's no bed-related angst! I'm not sure on any health issues related to this though.

    If I keep this up, when people my age are 80, I'll be like 64.

    Does anyone else have weird sleeping patters? How do you feel about it?

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    Yeah. I have had weird pattern since teenage. Biology is supposed to adjust the clock in my head but it doesnt seem to. If we start from the ideal condition, I would be in bed at ten or something like that, I wake up at seven. After this... the next day I wont feel sleepy until midnight and I'll wake up at nine. Ok, this goes on and I will have a situation where I go to sleep at morning and wake up at night. Then I skip one sleep and reset the clock.

    I don't really like this pattern, but it's fine.. I know it would go pretty normal if I had a job that would absolutely require me to be awake at some time.

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    Yeah, they're irregular as fuck. Pardon my French.

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    I actually go to bed around 3 am and wake up at about 8 am. I don't really sleep well at all. Plus I don't need that many hours of sleep. I sometimes find myself wakeing up after just two to three hours and not being able to go back to sleep.
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    I went to bed at 3am yesterday (technically today) and woke up at 4pm, I need to change that, school starts next week lol.

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    Dude, I have almost the exact same sleeping pattern. My 'days' (as in, from when I wake up to the next time I wake up) are around 28-34 hours. It's been like this for a while, sorta comes and goes. Makes it hard to function on most peoples schedule.


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    I have an incredibly similar natural sleeping pattern. I work a job that is basically 9 to 7, so I cannot keep to that pattern.

    There was a nice resource describing this phenomenon on the web.. It has been a long time since I read it, so I don't know where it is.

    This resource is OK however:
    SleepChart: Formula for Healthy Sleep

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