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    If you don't cough your lungs up or hate it on contact, it's probably the best method going right now. It's habit replacement more than therapy. Also, if you take to it then you can have as much or as little nicotine per puff as you like and you'll wonder at people with cigarettes. I used to enjoy smoking as a social thing and just for the taste and feeling. Thing is now that is can take a mouthful or a lung full, I can change the taste, the density, faff for hours. It can become a new hobby if you want it to where you spend as much time building and rebuilding as you do vaping or you can spend no time at all, but what you need and never look back.

    If you've got the cash I'd go find yourself a nautilus mini and a cloupor mini. Together you'll have a much better setup than any plastic wand you'll find in most shops and it'll give you the chance to say yes or no definitively and without the paranoia that maybe if you'd spent a little more money to get some "good stuff" it might have worked. Btw, in case you are of the type "you get what you pay for" you could very easily spend a small fortune on what would appear to be the industry standard provari and Kayfun but really they're just the BMW of vaping. Nothing too special but solid performers, certainly not the common man's device.

    Alternatively the mother in law went from about 40 a day to none in a very short amount of time (couple of weeks) by taking Champix (Varenicline (Champix®) | Health | She still has the odd cigarette I think but she'd be on more like a pack a month than in one evening.
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    Well, I know three people who did the laser therapy thing to quit smoking (aunt and two work friends). All three of them stopped cold turkey and reported that they didn't crave cigarettes anymore; in fact, one of them even said they found the smell repulsive, after 20 years of smoking. So, there's that as a possibility.
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    Gum, lots and lots of gum. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, pop a stick. Just keep at that until it becomes a habit. I had to quit, although I never really got that addicted, and although it was near impossible, gum can be a tiny filler to the gaping hole of lack of willpower. It sucks, but it sucks less than the other stuff I tried.

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    Step 1: Throw all cigarettes you have in the trash
    Step 2: Never buy cigarettes again

    Not rocket science.

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