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    Question Ps and Workout routines?

    I started to work out almost every day 2 months ago. It's something I never done before, because I thought I was gonna hate it like I've always hated all everything a bit physical. But I actually do enjoy it quite a lot, and I feel better, so much better.
    I was doing it really well, until I realized something: I wasn't doing a proper warm up+stretching.

    I watched a few lessons that explain how to do it , for how long and why I should do it and it was a significant revelation.
    Anyway, it became a problem. I am not working out as much anymore. Knowing that I have to warm up and everything before the actual exercise makes me feel super lazy and I just don't feel like it. And it sucks.
    I also hate that I have to follow a workout plan and alternate exercises everyday and all that.
    Every single fitness person on YouTube or in real life that I've ever met/watched talk about schedules, lists and routines, and that's crazy talk to me.

    How do other extreme P types like me adapt to all these J habits?
    Is there a way to go through all this that's bit less strict but effective?
    Are J types more likely to be active than P types?

    I really need some motivation tips, I don't want to stop doing this, but if for some reason if I can't work out for a day or two, going back to the routine feels so hard. It's like restarting each time.

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    You can do more dynamic warmups that incorporate movement into your workouts. Actually, if you know your body well enough you don't HAVE to stretch or warm up your body before a workout. There have been studies that suggest static stretches before a workout can lead to more harm; on the other hand, there are also studies that stretching can increase athletic performance by something like 10-15%, I believe (but don't quote me on that.) You don't have to follow exercise plans. They're just plans. Whatever makes you fitter, healthier is good enough, really. Heart disease can strike perfectly "healthy" professional body builders, marathon runners, etc. just like it can morbidly obese people. Sure the chances are lowered, but there aren't any real guarantees.

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    Frankly I just hate not working out more than I hate working out. I couldn't stop if I tried. I'd feel like shit and I'd want to go work out. I hate sitting around and feeling like I am atrophying.

    Currently I am on a 6 day cycle. 4 of those 6 days, I just do 2 easy 15-20 minute workouts on the elliptical with some stretching and light resistance work (1 morning, 1 evening). Just to keep things all lubed up, keep my metabolism on. And on the remaining 2 days, 1 of them I lift the fuck out of some weights and 1 of them I basically do an hour long sprint on the elliptical, heart rate in the 180 range (I'm 29). I'm thinking about cutting 1 of the rest days though and making it 3/2 instead of 4/2. Diet's important as well. I eat a shitload. Lots of protein especially. Oh, and I try to hit the pool when I can, like at least once a week.

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    I think I should follow my workout routines more sincerely from now onwards.

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    I am really active, enjoy it. Workout when I get bored.

    I pretty much stick with basic concepts...48 hours between working the same the type of pain...some pain is good, others are not. Know what exercises work what muscles. A good workout is when you are exhausted when you are done...don't stop until your exhausted

    That's my extent of how I work out and my planning of working out. When life is not crazy busy and not exhausted I work out 3-4 days a week.
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    I hate workout routines. It's just another thing I feel like I have to do, along with holding a job, paying bills, household chores, etc.

    I have had workout routines off and on. I can't seem to maintain it over a long term.

    What works best for me, is to vary the time of the day and type of exercise but make sure to get 30-60 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. I don't mind walking and riding the exercise bike. My mind is free to wander while doing the activity. Also helps to have some sort of diversion, usually listen to music or an audiobook.
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    Playing with a team, the warmup is built in to practice sessions so that was never a problem for me while I was involved in high school and collegiate sports.

    After graduating college and working out on my own I didn't really warm up/stretch, but as I got older and started getting small injuries/sprains/strains from playing soccer and other cutting sports more recreationally, I started to incorporate a warmup, basically just a jog 1-2 times around the field and then some dynamic stretching activities (butt kicks, high knees, high skipping, lunges, and side shuffles/grapevine to each side). That has really helped me with injuries personally, getting those muscle groups activating more gently before requiring them do sudden sharp movements.

    Anyway, for me it wasn't until I actually firsthand saw the value of it (vs just thinking about it abstractly) that I started to do it. Same with most things.

    What sort of workout do you do? I think if you're running, just start out a little slow and go into the heavier/faster stuff after a few minutes of running and that's pretty good. If you're doing weights, start out with one set of pretty low weights to get the muscles going properly. Or if you're going for power, like box jumps, do a few jumps in place or start with shorter boxes at first before going into taller ones. Obviously a full warmup is preferred, but if you're young it's probably better to work on regular exercise than anything.

    And if you get injured enough times, then maybe you'll learn to see the value, like me
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    My ISFP friend is probably one of the most diligent exercisers I know. She's very fit, but she has to have a lot of variety in routine or she gets bored. She does a lot of lifting, body weights, rock climbing, yoga, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    And if you get injured enough times, then maybe you'll learn to see the value, like me
    This. No matter what, I do a daily yoga routine. I don't always have time to do my weights/walking alternating workouts but I always have time for this. I have found by not forgoing the yoga, I hurt less and I get injured less, especially when I started adding in more dynamic moves and stretches.
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    If im not in a real rush when leaving home, i do a fast work out because it kinda wakes me up a bit. Also i do the same thing usually once a day, sometimes two(besides when leaving home) at some random time during the day. Doesent take more than a few mins and i dont need to follow any routines.
    Ofc this isnt enough if you want to lose a lot of weight or look like a bodybuilder, but just few mins 1-3 times a day can be surpsingly beneficial, or then i just have good genes :P
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