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    Default African dream root

    I have had taken this herb now twice(for few days each time) and i think its interesting. Do note that this isnt psychoactive and is perfectly legal, so no need to post on mature area. Basically what it does is that it makes you have more vivid dreams, make it easier to have lucid dreams and remember them better, there are also other herbs that do similar thing, but i never tested them.
    Basically what you do to get it working is to make a tea out of it every morning(or bubble it and eat the bubbly stuff that comes out in evening, thats what has the effective ingredients) and it takes 1-3 days to take effect. It should be especially interesting on people wanting to licid dream more, personally i havent got lucid dreams out of it, but definitely have more and more vivid dreams and am able to remember them a bit better. Also i should note that: "it is said that the plant has no effects on individuals who are not meant to be diviners." and i have heard that not everyone has any effect on their dreams from this herb. I have also noticed that after taking it and waking up, my brains are pretty much at full power the second i wake up, usually it takes a long time for my brains to boot up.

    Anyone else ever experienced with dream enhancing herbs?

    Silene capensis - African Dream Root |

    Just thought id post this since not many people know about this sort of stuff, but might be interested as it can help with dream analysis. You can order it from somewhere over the interwebs if you google and it doesent cost much.
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    I wouldn't need to take an herbal supplement to enhance my capacity for dreaming. I dream almost every night and remember them. Its interesting the way memories and subconscious issues work themselves out in dreams and what you learn about yourself from them.

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    Yeah this sounds like nightmare inducing stuff to me since my dreams are fairly vivid and constant anyway. My guess is I'd end up with no rest from taking this herb. But for the sake of clarity, what is the botanical name of this herb? Glad its working out for you though and you find it useful.

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