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    Default Surgery and Metal

    So a friend of mine were having this conversation of injuries, and the conversation ended up being about his arm. He had metal implants throughout his right arm due to an accident, and he still has it. Because of the nature of the conversation, I talked about the IM nail that I have on my right leg due to a bad accident a few years back. People would not even know I have metal in me unless I showed them the three incision marks on my leg. The conversation shifted to whether one were to removed the metal implants or not in the future. I basically said that I don't think the IM nail that was in me would be an issue for the time being (I don't feel any pain or complications even though some lingering soreness is common with my procedure.) I think it might stay with me for a lifetime as a reminder of what happened on that day. Him, on the other hand, wanted to remove it sometime in the future because of the possibility of getting an injury WITH the metal still in place.

    Researching about having these metal plates/rods/screws say that removal isn't necessary unless it is the thing causing discomfort. Even then, removal of these metal implants do not guarantee that soreness will ease (it might even exasperate them.) Has anyone ever chose to remove metal implants, whether because it was causing discomfort or just because of other possible complications (high impact activity that may worsen the area if another accident were to occur in the same area.)

    Any gory/interesting stories to share? Whether the one who had the gore happen or see others had it happen?

    What type of implant was use for your case (IM Nail, Plates, full metal replacement, etc.) How long did it take you to "heal" (be able to use it "normally")

    Do you plan to, or have already, remove the metal?

    My time at the hospital was very weird. I did not like staying there unable to move my legs or walk to the bathroom. People had to carry me on a bed because of it (to take X-Ray, MRI, and CT scans.) I took strong pain-relievers whenever I could. I was carried to have my x-ray on my leg done, the technician knew that I couldn't move, and if it did move.... it was an extremely sharp pain. I was told that I was lucky that I had such a clean(but full) break on my leg by the surgeon. He said that having a IM nail into my fracture was a common occurrence with my type of fracture. Had the procedure done, and had the worse week or two of my life. A dull and sore pain through my thigh because it was swollen. Anybody that would even remotely cause a little bit of pain in that area would know they caused me pain (although I did not mean to get mad at them for helping... which I frequently stated.)

    Ohhhh, and I didn't eat or sleep much at the hospitable. It was noisy in the day time due to rushing, and night time... all I heard were beeping by the other rooms asking for a nurse. I would of love to eat, but each time I raised or move the bed down, a sharp pained occurred (before the surgery.) After the surgery.... the dull pain just preoccupied my mind the whole day. I did drink lots of water/gatorade/powerade, however. Similarly, at home, I just didn't want to eat food that required me to stand up straight or required too much effort to eat.

    It took me about 3 months before I can walk limping without my crutches. I was told that my healing was progressing really nicely, and the chance that I didn't experience discomfort (except for the common soreness due to healing) was good to hear.

    And, well, I still have my x-rays and my IM Nail still on me

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    Did someone say "metal" and "surgery"?

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