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    Had a broken and impacted wisdom tooth removed. It was really boring and annoying to hear all the grinding and crunching as he cut pieces out. Seemed like it took hours.

    Worst part was the way my face felt after having my mouth open for so long, though he did give me one short break I indicated I wanted to just get it over with. Had a lot of blood after, I remember going to the pharmacy for my prescription and just spitting up globs of blood in the parking lot on the way in because my gauze pad was soaked. Eventually it clotted though. I ended up not needing the pain meds because it didn't really even hurt hardly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    That's really interesting; I didn't know that. I knew how to floss back then but avoided it because it killed my fingers and my teeth until those little plastic flosser helper things came into popularity. The first ones I used were little neon dinosaur ones that I stole from my brother. Now I don't mind flossing at all and just keep the little bag on my bathroom counter. They have probably saved my dental hygiene.
    I use string floss. I guess it hurts my fingers, but I go so fast that it doesn't last long. I learned to floss quickly by paying attention to how the dental hygienist does it during cleanings. I jam that floss straight up into my gums in order to keep them toughened up. It used to bleed like crazy in some places but no longer.
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    I had an extra tooth when I was a teenager behind my two front teeth. It was only slightly protruding but it was cutting off the root of one of the teeth as it was growing so it had to be gotten rid of. I remember that the dentist had to dig it out because he couldn't get to it. It was so painful that by the end of the procedure, I was drenched in sweat. The dentist was something of a family friend. I think he was a horrible dentist though. Absolutely sucked. No reason something like that should have been such a bad experience. I should have been referred to a specialist - oral surgeon or something.

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    I went to a dentist for a sore tooth that she identified via xray needed a filling. Had that done, she then did a check-up and advised me I needed a further $3k worth of fillings in other teeth as well as a matter of urgency. I didn't make any further appointments with her. Instead I went and had a standard clean and checkup with xrays at another dentist who commented on how good my teeth were and told me there was no urgent work needing to be done and she could find no evidence of any further cavities.

    Since that experience I am very wary of any dentist. Maybe the first one needed a holiday or a home renovation? But for someone to tell me I should have needless holes drilled into my teeth so they can make money is by far one of the most disgusting experiences I've ever had.

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