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    Default Swimming under water

    How many feey can you swim under water in one breath?

    Today I was able to go for a 100 feet in pool.

    I get out of breath when I try to swim for long distances on water though. I lack conditioning for that. There are people I know who claim to swim for 1 or 2 hours with short intermittent breaks.

    So how's your on and under water swimming conditioning?

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    Oh man I suck at this. I hate the pressure on my ears. I disliked going even 10 ft. down.. I can't say I've practiced much with this, but I swear if the kid I helped in the pool as a teenager was more than 10 ft down I might have just called the lifeguard instead of helping him right away.
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    if i look dead as in don't move a muscle and completely relax. basically if i don't do a deep inhale before going under and don't move a muscle or tense i can stay under for a long time. I have scared people into thinking I had drowned though. vs if i do the tradiotonal underwater it's a lot less time i can spend under.
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    Before I was a smoker, when I was very fit and healthy, I was an excellent underwater swimmer. I really need to quit. I'm sure I could swim at least 100 ft before coming up for air.
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    Not that long at all. When I was a toddler I remember going in the bathtub, sticking my head underwater, and holding my breath for a little under a minute, I think that's the longest I've gone without taking a breath. Of course I have exercise-induced asthma/breathing problems, so holding my breath sounds like a living hell to me

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