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    Default Good Compound Weight Exercises?

    I'd assume since a month has passed, most of those New Years Resolution people are gone (the gym) by now.

    I've been looking for exercises that would fit my type of training, which would, as of now, I want it to consist primarily of compound exercises, this means exercises that recruit more than a few muscles. So the goal is to primarily bulk up (which means find ways to eat!) Reasons are because my doctor think it would be good for me, and the other because I need to gain weight and compound exercises is the easiest way to achieve both.

    Looking at a few (one particularly on youtube,) I came up with 4 that I can do in quick succession and complete in less than 30 minutes spread between 2-3 days and that which I feel comfortable in doing alone, these 4 are Deadlifts, Squats, Dips, and Chin-ups. One compound exercises I did thought about was the Bench Press; it was awesome, I felt more burns on it than I ever did doing the machines, but the uncomfortableness of having a piece of metal on top of you isn't fun without a spotter.

    I don't think I can adequately do Dips and Chin-Ups yet, at least in proper form with my body-weight, due to an accident, probably have to start redoing the chin-ups. These body-weight are generally my favorite type of compound exercises to do as they require the least amount of equipment(unless you want to add more than your body-weight to do them) proper form for both is the difference between feeling a burn, or working a different part f the body more so than intended.

    Deadlifts, I can start out easy and make my way up while using better form. Because apparently, the exercise will hound on you until you use better form.

    Squats seems to be my go to when it comes to lower body exercises, it is probably the only exercise that I can do by adding my own body in weights and add a little extra. There is probably a variation here and there that would be better suited for my goals (that work more than just the legs.)

    Maybe I should post in the exercises challenge and see how far I can go in 6 months. Once I get a formula created, I may just do it for 6 months and see how much weight and strength I have added.

    So, any recommended compound weighted exercises?

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    Look though these for stuff you can do

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    @wolfy Do you think the 4 exercises I listed target most muscles?

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    I would do military presses instead of dips. If I chose 4, with no bench. Dips are a good exercise though.

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