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Almost everyone with psychological problems comes to Typology Central for illusions.

They come for the illusion of mbti and they come for the illusion of astrology. And more generally they come for the illusions of the New Age Movement.

But worse, those with psychological problems come to Typology Central not to have their psychological problems cured but to have them validated by their peers.

The come, not to have their drug problems cured, but to have them validated by their peers.

And they come, not to have their fetishes cured, but to have their fetishes validated by their peers.
Those are wise words, Mole. Thank you.

If anyone else has personal experience they'd like to share, preferably related to the OP, I hope they feel comfortable doing so.

I feel I shouldn't have to say this, but I don't condone doing any of the things I've discussed or will discuss here. This thread's usefulness hinges on there being others with similar life experience/current issues in this community. The topic of cognitive enhancement is especially prevalent among students, and if I can provide information and anecdotes that help steer someone toward healthier, more useful options I'll consider it worth the effort.