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Thread: Make me better

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    Default Make me better

    I'm ready to draw that line in the sand and be a better me.

    1). Heading out today to a local community centre to assess their gym/pool setup. Right now I am very inactive. I'm generally comfortable being a couch potato, but there has been an insistent nagging for somewhere in my brain these last few months to give it up and get active. I want to get back into swimming regularly for sure. Maybe some cardio/weights pre-pool session. Anyone have a workout they can share for what strokes I should be doing to get my best pool benefit? Cardio regiment? Help a N00b out. Pm me if it's easier.

    2). I love fish, I crave fish, if I have to choose between grilled salmon and a steak it's an easy, no brainer choice. But I live with my boyfriend and we share a lot of meals. He likes fish, but wouldn't want to eat it 3x a week. Help me discover some alternative, healthy dinner and lunch recipes to try out and mix things up a bit. Including portion controlled sizes.

    3). I went to talk with my doctor a few days ago, apparently I'm pretty dehydrated. It's going to sound weird, but I don't like the feeling of drinking. I'll have some alcohol with friends, tea, sodas (which I want to minimize to 1 a week) but it always takes me forever to get through it. I can nurse a beer easily for an hour or more. I need to find a regimented way to make sure I'm drinking water and lots of it. Ideas are appreciated.

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts!
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    carry a water bottle. google healthy recipes, find variety that you like chicken?

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    1. I've been swimming more lately, the freestyle does it for me. Goggles are a must.

    2. I'm vegetarian, so fish is a no no. I discovered curry paste and I cook lentils with onions, tomatoes and couscous.

    3. Use a straw to help drink faster? I dunno drinking water is kind of a must, especially if you're going to be working out.
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    I don't think I recognized thirst for a long time and was probably dehydrated a lot.

    Some fruits have a lot of water in them. Citrus, watermelon, grapes, and tomatoes right off the top of my head. Soup does, too. You can eat dry and/or spicy stuff that make you thirsty so you'll maybe want to drink. I like little bottles of water because they aren't so intimidating. Popsicles and/or ice can be good, too.
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