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    IMO, you're just throwing your money away. As stated earlier in this thread, vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin (as opposed to fat soluble), so your body can't really store it. You are just pissing all of it out.

    Out of curiosity, I briefly checked Wikipedia to see if they had any numbers on overdosing on vitamin C, and it seems that there are no reported cases of human deaths due to vitamin C. However, they have killed rats with it. It also seems that beyond 2000mg, you start to get uncool side effects like diarrhea.

    There are so many foods that vitamin C and others are artificially added to that there's no need to take a supplement for it, especially 500mg of it.

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    About two weeks ago, I ate about 30 of those chewable Vitamin C (250mg) tablets. They taste just like those smarties candies. I think my heart rate did increase slightly and I did feel a cold sweat on my face but I suspect that was due to the 20mg of sodium in those pills.

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