I've lost weight recently. For the first 20 lbs, I had a really good idea of the progress I'd made. But recently (30+ lbs down) I've noticed that I look in the mirror and to my eyes it appears that I've gained weight.

I've gone down two clothing sizes, and I can see/feel that my old clothes are very loose now.

More strangely, when i see pictures of myself, I can't believe how thin I look. I'm not photogenic at all, and I've always found the old adage about the camera adding 10 lbs to be quite true, but now it's totally opposite.

After seeing the picture, I look in the mirror and see something entirely different. I'm so confused. I thought if I avoided looking in the mirror it would help, but if anything it's gotten worse.

I'm worried that if this doesn't stop, I won't be able to maintain my weight without a scale. I don't like not being able to trust myself when I've always had a good concept of my body.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there anything I can do?

I know this may sound really trivial/vain to some people, but please remember that I'm an Fi user and a 4. Feeling internally divided stresses me, and I don't need more stress right now.