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    I like it and like being creative with cooking. I have always loved to cook. But I think of it as fuel. I only like it to be on my mind in that salivatory way if my guy is cooking something special or we are going out to a restaurant I love. Otherwise I prefer fresh and nutritious.

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    i love food too but i can be terribly lazy about it if by myself and will opt to just have cereal or cheese and crackers or something for dinner when i'm alone.

    i'd rather not eat then eat something i'm not in the mood for. i'm not one of those people who'll just make whatevers in the kitchen. i will seriously just blow it off if i don't feel like going anywhere.

    i do like picking food up from my favorite restaurants and did all the time when i lived in dallas but here the food is...just...mostly blah.
    i mean...i'll cook for my family or boyfriend...i just don't like cooking for myself.

    hmm...i feel like i'm not answering the actual sorry if that's true.
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    I love food and I enjoy cooking and trying new things.

    I have a tendency towards stress, emotional, and boredom eating that I don't like though.

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    curious about your relationship to food
    We've been going steady for a few years now.
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    Im kinda particular about food. I get cravings and that thing is all I can think about until its satisfied. Then once I get it I'm pretty whatever about eating. I forget to eat alot, actually. I do love to cook, though.
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    As I said in your thread "Do you get bored with eating?":

    Quote Originally Posted by 93JC View Post
    For the most part eating is a mean to an end for me. I eat so that I don't become malnourished and die. It's not something I enjoy in and of itself.
    I am a very picky eater. On the whole I would say I do not like most food. The smell, the taste, the texture; I find a lot of it repulsive. Why this is I couldn't tell you. Some psychological product of a screwed-up upbringing? Some sort of physiological defect? I have no idea. I can't point to any particular instance in my childhood that spurred this on. In fact I remember eating all sorts of things when I was four or five years old that I wouldn't eat now.

    My relationship with food is fine. Not 'normal', but fine. My relationships with people because of my relationship with food are not always great. There is a lot of cultural pressure to eat whatever is placed in front of you, with some allowances for your preferences, and that is difficult to skirt around without avoiding the situations entirely. I don't have an answer for the question "chicken or fish?" My real answer is neither.

    The worst are the people who feel personally insulted because I won't eat their food. It's nothing personal on my end, but that's how it seems to them. I'm stuck in a middle ground where I can't just explain "I don't like the dish you've cooked." I can't say "Would you prefer I begrudgingly ate some of it? I can't fake enjoying it, and I'm not going to enjoy it." So some people just hate me because I won't eat their food.

    I rarely eat meals at restaurants, and nobody ever invites me over for dinner. I don't mind that in so far as I don't care for the food () but it very obviously limits my social life, which sucks!

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    Food scares me a little. If I eat what normal college kids do, I turn into a blob of lard and feel super sick, no matter how exercise I get. If I eat only healthy foods, I wind up either not getting enough calories (I suck at volumetric eating) or feeling really emotional. It's complicated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    depends on how I feel really, which sucks because I really need to eat a lot more food than I manage in order to avoid disappearing thanks to the amount of exercise I get
    wow. you're the outlier.

    i have a pretty normal relationship with food. it gives me pleasure and i enjoy eating nice things. i also like cooking, although not all of the time, and i enjoy having regular schedules and eating reasonably healthy things. i eat more or less anything, even if i dont like it because that's how i was raised. but i get cravings sometimes... i like chocolate...i like salty wine... i like drinking a lot i guess, all sorts of things, i think i prefer it to eating, which can be boring sometimes.

    to OP, i dont think you have very healthy eating standards.... i'd be worried...!?

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    Up until this time last year, I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and had all but ruined my metabolism with 1200-calorie diets, overeating carbs and fat with very little protein in my diet, and subsisting on "healthy" processed vegan junk. I've never been big on fast food and typical junk food though, just binging on starches mostly.

    I gave up being vegan, started actually eating protein, and realized that I was satisfied after meals and didn't feel the need to constantly snack. Now my relationship to food and cooking is very basic - I eat to live. I cook big batches of brown rice/potatoes, boiled eggs, fresh veggies and lean meats and eat them for a few days with fruits and healthy fats thrown in. I have no passion when it comes to cooking, it's purely a necessity for me. Living this way is also nice because no one else eats my food - it's either raw and they're too lazy to cook it, or it's cooked but so plain and boring that it's unappetizing.

    Lately, I'm following LeanGains which is a heavy lifting program plus eating clean in an 8-hour window. I like just having coffee in the morning and maybe a piece of fruit and an egg at around 11, then eating as much as I want for lunch and dinner. I can now eat up to 2,000 calories on a workout day and still not gain weight, and it. is. awesome.

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    I go through periods of not eating anything, to eating a lot. (At least I think it's a lot) Everyone always says I should eat more but I'm like wut?

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