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    One thing that's helped me a lot is to refuse to analyze it till later. Let my subconcious have a go at it. A lot of times I just realize its not worth my worry
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    I have a history of such severe anxiety that I went to the hospital a couple of times for it, (blacked out, numbness, basic delirium and hysterics.) And exercise has been the best cure.. When I have more stress I just have to exercise more. I'm really not responsive to counseling, but the best counselor I had told me that my thinking was catastrophic. It's like your brain is always in a state of emergency- if you don't take care of this one little thing then it's going to lead to bigger problems and then your mind goes spiraling out of control about the possibilities. Possibilities that are unlikely to happen.... For instance- minor mistake at work somehow leads to me getting fired and not being able to pay the bills and becoming homeless. It's not that straight forward in my brain but it's all happening somewhere in the subconscious. So it's like you have this reptilian survival thing going on where you're like constantly in sympathetic nervous mode. So, the final conclusion, "stay in the moment" and " don't assume anything". I also have an as needed xanax but I do try to face my troubles before doing that, so I only need it maybe once a week so I can function at work etc. I don't think your anxiety sounds quite that severe.

    Chakra balancing is a nice adjunct to all this... Stretching... Sleep... And some kind of a creative outlet of course.
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    I'm there with you, SilkRoad -- though I doubt I needed to tell you that.

    As much as I agree with others on this thread about lifestyle changes -- i.e. treating the symptoms -- I'd also suggest finding a way to do some introspection and figure out what's causing the symptoms. For example, see if you're doing what @Z Buck McFate described, repressing your stress by telling yourself that your stressors shouldn't actually be stressors. You could talk it out with friends/family, possibly see a therapist for a few sessions?

    But yeah, treating the symptoms and the root problem simultaneously is likely your best bet. Of course, I'm biased, because I'm in the process of practicing what I just preached -- and even though I'm not done yet, I'm feeling hopeful and generally on track.
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