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What are the best muscle building supplements?

I only use whey protein - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whey_pr...uscle_building

There is a few that seem to float around. Other than protein (of any kind) the second most common would be creatine, but I've heard of all these other bizarre supplement names people take (like L-Arginine and 5-htp) yada yada. Go to a gym and ask someone. You are bound to find someone who takes 5 supplements or more (some of them with lots of ingredients.)

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fish-oil based omega 3, expired by a year now, and once/daily instead of the 3x/daily they wanted me to take.

probably not doing anything, but eh, I have them, why not. I probably won't buy more, at least without researching a bit more to see if they have proven results. When I bought them a few years ago they seemed a little more promising. I'm pretty skeptical about supplements in general - will occasionally take a multivitamin if I'm getting sick or eating worse than usual or something.

Pretty much ALL supplement claims are based on massive overinterpretation of scientific findings, or worse, not based on any evidence at all. Even the ones that seem most promising (omega 3, vitamin D) show inconsistent results in population studies.

That's for healthy people, of course, not people who have specific deficiencies or needs.
Yep, if people are eating healthy, the person most likely wouldn't need any supplements. Unfortunately for most of us (including me) don't get the "daily" necessary vitamins