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Thread: Fat People

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    Eat really healthy like the most basic plain stuff you can eat. Oatmeal, beans, brown rice, slamon, tuna, lean chicken. etc western society eats like crap and pretty much anything you buy outside of a grocery store is crap. Right before my jiu-jitsu tournament I had to lose 15 pounds in a month so I ate complex carbs during the day like oatmeal, cereal and pasta and protien at night. This actually worked really well I ended up losing the weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    Yup. Being fat permanently alters your body chemistry. On some levels, to become thin once you've been fat requires putting your body in a state of constant energy deprivation, since those fat cells want to be filled back up.

    While it varies depending on the study, I've read that only 1 out of 50 to 500 people that try to lose a significant amount of weight (> 5-10 pounds) succeed. That means, as an overweight dieter, your chance of losing significant weight and keeping it off is anywhere from .2% - 2%. I've come to the conclusion that unless a person is willing to put forth the level of effort and sacrifice to put them in that top 2%, they are better off just accepting their body as it is.
    Yes, exactly! I wish more people would realize this.

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    Fat people can become smart if they do try to get smart. As they do not do prevention about their food and diet.They must involve in physically activities such as sports like foot ball and rugby etc.
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    any fatties got a recipe for chinese eggplant with minced pork? i really like that dish, but i have no idea how to make it. TIA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    ever known some one on some of the anti psychotics,
    It feels like you're the lion, and the antipsychotic Olanzapine is the tranquilizer dart shot into you, the lion; You're still the lion, but you're stifled. Olanzapine's a Bitch right, it makes your body store fat because your brain needs it; In effect you get real tired, and weighed down that you kinda go to sleep; It's been a while, that's one thing to talk to your doctor about getting weened off of if anyone's stuck on it, tbh, take it to get well then kick the habbit. - Having just said that, doctors tend to want to see how you cope on your own, so don't be afraid to talk about comming off the drugs/meds, if you don't want them; These things can fuck you up big time... Like, you begin to hate those trying to help you by regretting ever needing help in the first place, because taking the medicine isn't that much fun and it makes your body store fat; so unless you really need 'em - Fuck dem apples.

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    This Is Why Im Fat (Shaq Style)

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    Depends on the person.

    Most overweight, obese, or morbidly obese people are emotional eaters. But this only matters if they are under a lot of stress.

    Now, most overweight people eat a relatively normal/healthy diet but don't get enough exercise. They probably feel too busy, or haven't found an activity that they enjoy. If they do exercise, then they eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods.

    Obese people are like this, but it's probably both factors. They may have a terrible diet, or may never exercise.

    Morbidly obese people generally have terrible diets, or have a poor sense of portion control. I sometimes wonder if it's a problem with their serotonin levels or some other mental condition. I think unhealthy eating can be an addiction, and deserves similar treatment.

    Personally, I'm about 10-15 pounds overweight because I was raised on a carb-heavy diet and found PE/sports to be humiliating (I have a large chest and I'm asthmatic). My whole family was like that. I've recently become vegan and found exercises that appeal to me. I never knew that I was eating too much dairy and never thought about all of the bad carbs that I ate, and I never knew that pilates would make a big difference or that cardio didn't necessarily mean running. So I guess I'm fat because I didn't know that I had a choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikeitlikethat View Post
    Is it excercise phobia, not knowing what to put into your body or, a cultural thing?

    Why are fat people, fat?
    Most service jobs are sedentary. Coupled with long hours, easy and cheap calories, and lack of general exercise = fat people.

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    Being fat killed Bernard Manning, fat is good.

    Being fat also killed Alfred Hitchcock, fat is bad.

    But...what is fat but a construct of our bodies that serves a specific purpose, yet it has overwhelmed entire societies and their mindsets. So often does this happen; a thing...which is meant only for a specific use...grows like a monster to overtake and envelop the people at the heart of it.

    It is not bad or good. It is only a threat to health, but the societal impact of it's existence far out ways the importance of the individuals within it. Ignore the fat, look at the people.
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