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Thread: Facial scars :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueMixture View Post
    I was listening to a fascinating conversation on NPR with a woman who we missing an arm who deliberately went to great lengths not to let others know she was missing an ATM because she didn't want to be labeled off the bat as "the one-armed girl." It was quite hilarious! In fact she related one account of getting to second base with a guy without him realizing (college boy + topless girl = not looking at your fucking arm ). Anyhow, she said one guy she cared about a lot rejected her for NOT telling her sooner because he thought it was disrespectful of her to assume he would be that shallow. So SR... I don't think your situation is very grave and I would encourage you to be non-self conscious so you can find the people you click with however, if you felt the need I guess you could use makeup to cover up/minimize the scar because I understand how debilitating these kinds of things can be particularly for women. I hardly think a 1" scar would be that severe though
    Yeah - I suspect I was just really freaked out at first by the concept of a scarred face. Realistically I think there won't be much of a scar once it's healed properly, and even if it's somewhat noticeable it'll be more on the "interesting" than the "ugly" side.

    It's good to get perspective too. There have even been people in this thread who've suffered much worse injuries/scarring than anything this is likely to produce and they're doing just fine - let alone missing a limb, which would be extraordinarily life-changing in so many difficult ways.

    I had my little bit of "plastic surgery" today (still amazed the NHS offered me a plastic surgeon!!). It was very minor of course but it was still proper "surgery" (as in they prepped me the way they do and it was on an operating table etc.) I was a bit wee bit freaked out simply because up till now I've had NO surgery. Plus the waiting around was a drag... I suddenly have tons more respect and sympathy for people who frequently go through surgery which is actually major. (Or even lots of minor surgery, not nice either.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggly View Post
    I like them. And I doubt men will care.

    And, yes, they make for GREAT conversation. I definitely think you should tell people that you were in a sword fight.
    I know someone who actually does have a facial scar from a sword-fight. Reenactor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phobik View Post
    @Cimarron, is that you? Ya know dupes are against the right

    Nope, it's just me.

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