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    Default Have you ever made your own skin serum/treatments?

    I just ordered a bunch of stuff from bulkactives. I've been using argan oil (ordered from elsewhere) and Vitamin C powder and I like the results. I've also tried lemon peel ferment and pumpkin enzyme ferment.

    Any good recipes? What have you tried?

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    I've been making face cream for years now and it's really luxuriously silky and yummy smelling. I use various oils (5 or so) for the oil side of things; and rain water (if i've remembered to collect it, spring water if I haven't), aloe vera gel, and vegetable glycerin for the water side of things, borax to unite them, and essential oils for scent.

    But a few years ago, I got more into infusing my own herbal oils and learned more about the healthy properties of the more expensive oils and extracts, etc. So then I got the idea to make a liquid oil to put on my skin first, covered with the humectifying cream. I use rosehip seed oil, organic olive oil, evening primrose oil, some aloe vera gel, and sometimes some essential oil (it is antiseptic so it also helps retard spoilage as i don't keep this 'serum' in the frig. If I lived down south, I might). I put it in a small spray bottle and apply generously after my exfoliation, and just throughout the day, especially around my eyes.

    It feels good to make something so healthy and nutritious for yourself, all natural, and for soooo much cheaper (and better) than you could buy it!
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