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Thread: The Paleo Diet

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    I felt really god when I was on this diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    I felt really god when I was on this diet
    Did you do any miracles?

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    Diet should conform to the 3 stages the body tends to be in at any given point: bum, burn, or build. Build is strength resistance training and post-training (eat immediately after and up to 1 hour after exercise but not more), burn is aerobic or post-aerobic activity (wait 30+ minutes after exercise to eat), and bum is the times of day you are doing very little activity.

    Obviously, protein (and beans are a healthy source... both a vegetable, a protein, and full of nutritional value) works best in the building stage. A banana is also a good thing to have as well.

    Example:I prefer a protein shake with ON's pro-complex, 1 banana, 1 cup non-fat vanilla yogurt, and half a blender of ice immediately after a strength workout. Also, I prefer strength workouts in the morning as the all day muscle repair process helps keep my metabolism going through the bum stage. Also, it allows my body to offload some of the repair done during sleep to the day time and get a more restful feeling sleep.

    In the burning stage, avoid straight up carbohydrates like bread. Protein is a waste too since you're not building much with it and it can turn to fat. Fruits and vegetables are good here since they replenish your muscle energy and the fibric nature of them contributes to the burn.

    Example: I prefer fruit/veggie juice from a juicer (I know you dont get a lot of fiber but the quantity of vegetable and fruit is unpalatable) and 1-2 chicken breasts. This tends to be in the early evening, hence the chicken breast, which serves as dinner as well. I do cardio in the early evening because it prevents a lot of the metabolism drop that the body typically sees in the last 4-5 waking hours. If you do this it's also best to exercise immediately when you get home for 2 reasons... first off, it tends to get excused less often, and secondly you should not do intense physical exercise or eat 1-3 hours before sleeping as this effects your sleep quality.

    Bum... this is most of the day where the average person floats along at 1.2 METs. If you're at your computer reading this, this is now, and it tends to fill up the portion of many people's afternoon. This is where complex carbs really shine... they give you a slow source of energy to keep you going through this low-energy period without being turned to fat.

    Example: For lunch, I eat a turkey sandwich and a apple-nut-raisin salad... this gives me some slow burning fuel with the whole-wheat bread, along with a full feeling from the salad which helps keep me going through the rest of the day. I also get a serving of protein with every meal this way, as well as non-fat dairy serving #2 from the cheese, which is a healthy minimum. The fruit gives muscles some energy which I use up in the early evening aerobic exercise and the fiber from the salad boosts metabolism in the mid-day lull.

    So would say this diet is too unrealistic and inflexible, and it's missing some good elements, and for what reason? The tell-tale sight of a bad diet is that it's based on non-sense reasoning which alludes to some kind of mystical effectiveness that simply doesn't exist. If there isn't a reason to cut out healthy food items, especially things like complex grains (eg Akins) that could go beyond a sentence or two in depth as to why, then you should steer clear of it and this sounds like one of those.

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