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    Default Boxing gloves for punch bag exercise

    I dont know anything about this, although the gym I'm a member of now has some large boxing pillar things, I think they can be used for kicking too.

    I was wondering if anyone goes to a gym and uses the boxing equipment, I'm even wondering what'd be the basic or best sorts of boxing gloves for using equipment like that?

    Do you use a pair of big boxing ring gloves, I think there are bigger training gloves too, then there's the smaller open fingered gloves for martial artists who wrestle too or do MMA I think is the abbreviation.

    I also wondered, although I could post a general thread about this, what the ettiquette (spelling) or norms are around using kit like this, if you're having fun but obviously not demonstrating much awareness of the difference between jabs, crosses, straights, cuts or the like should you give away to someone who appears to be a boxer there to train?
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    Generally for boxing there two kinds of boxing gloves, the thick cushiony types called "Match gloves " Or "Ring Gloves" used for sparring and matches and the lighter types made out of hardend leather more adjusted to the sack generally called "sack-gloves" used for repetitive strikes at punching-bags. If you're going to punch the bag, just try some of the sack gloves until you find one that snuggly fits.

    (sack gloves)

    (ring gloves)
    if you're going to buy your own sets, all you need to do is measure your hands circumference, by the palm at the thickest point, check some online sources for the dimensions.
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