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    I hate mornings, even if I have received a full night's rest. It's mostly my mood that's affected...I get really irritable and can be short/caustic with people until I have had at least two double shots of espresso. Otherwise I don't have any other physical problems besides the occasional nausea/headache combo (yes, I do exercise semi-regularly.) Oh, and I'm 26.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    Well, I get up at the same time regardless of how I feel (wake up at 5:45am on weekdays, usually up by a little after 7 on weekends), as I want to get into work within around the same 15 minute window every day.

    I think I did something like that in undergrad/when deeply focused in working/finishing on a project. That and overall quality of rest influences my mood/efficiency a lot.

    If I get at least 7-8 hrs of sleep, I usually feel pretty good. If less, I am usually ok, but it's not ideal and I'm not as positive. Alertness isn't usually an issue, less sleep is usually reflected instead in my being more irritable and pessimistic. Quality of sleep is important too; if I have a lot on my mind, I sleep more poorly and it doesn't matter if technically I was in bed for 8 hours.
    With anything upwards from 7-8h of quality sleep, I can generally function well and transition to wake-up state quickly. Mostly, it's any accumulated tiredness, physical or mental stress that can prejudice this process. Being proactively mentally engaged in something can have a great positive contribution as well.
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